Thursday, March 8, 2007

Family Christmas picture

This was on a day when we had a foot of snow come down!! Sadie loved playing in the snow...with the baby coming and our recent move, we sent Sadie to be with a fun loving family in Bountiful (they have 10 kids so she should be well loved) we'll miss her, but now she can really get the attention and play time she deserves.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Growing Belly

The latest of the growing belly! Wow it's getting big...
here I am at 28 weeks
(6 1/2 months for you slower ones...)

Happy couple

I thought this was a cute picture of us. It was from this past Christmas at my Grandma's...

Baby Expo

My sisters and I went to the south towne baby expo this past Friday...we saw some cute and interesting stuff...and there was a little fashion show. Of course my mom wouldn't allow herself to be in any here we are being ourselves!