Monday, May 7, 2012

let them be little

Something about being pregnant just makes me not feel like blogging...
I think it's called extreme laziness.

But, there are too many things happening too fast that I can't let slip away.

Like my little girl that seems to be growing up into a big girl right before my eyes.  It is happening and I can't even believe it.  She is growing up and in a few months will be going to school at the elementary... wih other big kids, and just thinking of that makes my eyes tear up.

So for now, let's focus on the little girl I want her to continue to be.

She was awesome in her preschool cowboy program.  This was the darndest cutest thing and I couldn't believe how well behaved these children were.  So polite and respectful to their sweet teachers.  Every song was so sweet, and they said funny little jokes in between... like these.....

"Hey little partner, how do ya spell horse?"
"But what's at the end?"
"A Tail!"

Taryn's part was spelling horse and saying a tail... she was so cute!  She even filled in for a girl who was sick and did her knock knock joke....

"knock knock"
"who's there"  (Taryn)
"butch, jimmy, and joe"
"butch, jimmy and joe who?   (Taryn)
"butch your arms around me, jimmy a little kiss, and let's joe home."

She was such a darling little cowgirl, and was so excited to show us around Miss Palmers preschool class. 

And not only does she have one preschool class... nope, she has two amazing preschool classes. She's a bit more biased to Miss Denise. Maybe because she's known her longer. She did start preschool there two years ago, and has loved her evr since.  She even cried about missing her when she started school in Reno.
So to have Miss Denise welcome her back with loving open arms was like a dream come true.
Oh how we love her so!

This past Friday they celebrated her birthay at school.  She was in heaven having this special day.  We colored her birthday poster and made these yummy treats to take, then picked out her favorite story to have me read to her class. 

This little boy gave her his own special present. 

A long cardboard tag he colored birthday cakes on one side, and hearts on the other. 
Topher is his name, and he said Taryn is his very best friend in the whole wide world... then he made sure to remind me to take a lot of pictures of him and Taryn together. 

Another sweet boy who she's buddies with gave her a cinderella play camera.  Not sure if his mom knew he swiped it, but Taryn was thrilled and felt like the belle of the ball recieving all these gifts.

All the kids took turns saying what they loved about Taryn, and she wore a special birthday crown which Miss Denise had written all sorts of special things about Taryn on.
She was glowing.

Next up, her dance recital.  She loooooooves dance. 
Loves her teacher, loves the outfits, loves everything about it. 
She told me the other day that when she grows up and is a mommy she wants to be like Miss Natalie (which she really says Miss Matalie) and be a real ballerina.

She couldn't handle waiting around all morning for her recital.  It didn't start until 11:30, and she kept saying, "Hurry up Mom!  We are going to be late!!"

She got a little stage fright in the beginning, but once she realized what was going on, she followed along and danced her heart out. 

I leaned over to Robbie and said, we are going to have a lot of dance recitals.  No football practices to put on our calendar here.

Have I mentioned how much I love our new neighborhood.  It is almost too good to be true. 
We have THE BEST neighbors and there are a ton of happy go lucky kids on our street. 

Including a sweet little one named Charlotte, who happens to live right across the street from us.

She and Taryn are like a match made in heaven.  They play almost every single day and could go for hours.  Lately they have been playing outdoors with all sorts of polly pockets and barbies that are "swimming at the pool" in a big green bowl full of water.  I full on took a nap while they stayed entertained with this make believe world.

The neighbors to our east are building a treehouse, a full on magical treehouse!  And they have the cutest little boy who is in kindergarten and I'm already seeing the future as the flirty love affairs begin between all these girls and his little boy charm.  Plus he has a little sister who is a few months older than Tenley, and Charlotte has a little brother who is Tenley's age as well. 

It's perfect in every way... now I just have to make sure no one gets the idea of moving away.  Ever.

I love that we have all these buddies right here nearby. It brings me back to my own childhood days.
There isn't enough money in the world to buy that kind of friendship and the memories that come along with it. 

Charlotte and Taryn giggling over milk mustaches and eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

So you see... this little girl of mine is growing up, and in a blink of an eye she'll already be living her dream as a mommy ballerina. 

But for today, you are little, and I like it that way.