Thursday, November 12, 2009

heaven sent

It's hard to even know what to say as time keeps moving on day by day.

I'm still overwhelmed with the spirit and the comfort it keeps bringing me. My Dad's funeral was amazing. Perfect and amazing. The speakers spoke with the spirit, their words have touched me deeply and I will be forever changed. There was an ocean of people who came to learn more of my Dad and what he brought to this earth. They left knowing him.

As each new day begins, I hear the words that our dear friend Jim Lindsley spoke to my family through his talk on Monday.
He asked us, "What would your Dad want you to do now? We have life ahead of us, LIVE IT!"

So as hard and as different things may be, that's what I keep telling myself. Live it.

We have fond and happy memories to hold onto, as well as new and exciting ones to make. One that keeps me smiling is the arrival of our new baby...GIRL! Yes, baby girl :) What an amazing experience that will be. Straight from heaven, a piece of my Dad I'm sure will be sent with her.

Thanks for giving me strength and hope baby girl.
I love you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It amazes me to think of our bodies and how intricate and fragile they really are. As I am growing this baby inside of my belly, I try not to focus on how many things have to be done in order for him (or her) to come into this world healthy and whole.

Healthy and Whole....these words have an entirely new meaning to me.

My Dad is in the ICU, he has been there since Friday morning. I have never had a trial like this before and I am touched by how many angels are near me and my family as we pray constantly for my Dad to keep fighting.

My Dad is the description of strong. He never gives up, I have full faith in him that he will recover and stay here with his family. My Dad loves us so very much, he does everything for us. He is a healthy man and unfortunately had a bad mix of pneumonia mixed with swine flu.

That combo is bad...bad bad bad.

Yesterday was awful. I know yesterday was when my Dad was losing in his game against the swine. The doctors had to do their jobs and tell my Mom hard things. We cried and cried and cried... but then we prayed and prayed and prayed. Heavenly Father has heard our prayers and has talked to us through the scriptures. I know this. I know he is helping my Dad fight back.

Today I woke up with the most calming and overwhelming love. I didn't even waver the thought that things would get worse. Worse is not an option. Lisa (my sister) felt the same way, we know our Dad. He rocks, he won't let something like the stupid swine flu make him take his exit. Last night his nurse turned on some classic rock, which knowing my Dad, gave him a boost. Led Zeppelin can change things ;)

Today has been filled with good news, but by no means has let us out of the woods. These woods are thick and deep, but my Dad is good at finding his way out of anywhere. He's going to find the best way out and make sure he doesn't get lost.

I know it.