Saturday, July 11, 2009

for my bad memories sake

It's sad to say, but I'm pretty certain I will be one of those ladies who gets into her 40's and already has Alzheimer's.

I have the worlds worst memory.

So it's a good thing we have these awesome blogs to keep things straight. So while I've got a few things stored in my mind right now, I better get them out before it's too late...

Story #1:
Taryn was eating an orange slice the other day in her high chair while I was whipping up some banana bread (cause I'm a cool mom like that yo) and I heard that awful sound no mom wants to hear...


Then came the choking and I ran over to her like a mad woman and ripped her right outta that high chair and started screaming for Robbie and smacking the heck outta her back.
Robbie ran in and I basically threw her to him and was yelling she's choking...ahhh...make her stop! Little did I know she was totally fine and had already coughed up the orange slice.
I have major issues with choking children. I totally freak.

So.......I say to Taryn, "that was scary, don't scare Mommy like that anymore."
She looks back at me and says, "Mommy, skawie.... (insert her version of pretend choking sound)." while holding her throat.
Ok, maybe you had to be there.

Story #2:
On the 4th we went to Taylor's baseball game and stayed afterward for the fireworks. We set out some blankets and the kids sat on them and played. Taryn joined them and as I sat there watching her I couldn't believe what a big girl she has become (or thinks she is.) When the fireworks started she just stayed there with the other kids and kept saying every firework was purple. Ok, it's more like "pupull." She finally decided to sit with Mommy and then started calling the fireworks circles. So cute. The whole drive home whenever we could see more fireworks going off, she'd point and yell pupull circle!

Story #3:
potty training.
We've only just begun...... oh Karen Carpenter.

For reals though, I have no clue as to what I am doing. I took my pediatricans advice to have her sit on her potty after naps and before bath time and whenever she is interested in it...
which is never.
So after nap time we gave it a go and it just turned into a funny game for her. The actual sitting part only lasted about 3 seconds so I decided this wasn't going to happen. I went to grab a diaper from her room and came out to find poop all over the place.


And the best part is she had stepped in it and was running away from me onto out carpet I just had cleaned the week before.


Then the dog gets curious and decides to have a lick....


I think the sentence "poop in potty!" is engraved into her mind.

Story #4:
I wasn't here for this one, but thought it was pretty funny.
My mom was tending Taryn at my place while I went out to dinner with my high school friends this past Tuesday. I left them with The Little Mermaid playing. Taryn's favorite for the moment. She calls it Ewiew. - Did you get that? - It's Ariel.
So I guess when it got to the part where Ursula has her big solo (which my mom loves Ursula, she totally thinks she's so funny.) Anyway....ya know the part where she turns around and kinda shakes that big booty...Taryn looked at my mom and goes...
Which is her little obsession lately. She's always pointing to everyones bums and all the "stories" she tells lately has the word bum in it at some point.

haha...yes Taryn that is a big bum.

Well, I may or may not add to this memory post. Considering it's 12:26 am and I still have a lesson to look over for tomorrow I'm calling it a rap for now.

But I will leave you with this picture because who can resist this face...
(that would be Carrie's gracious foot behind Taryn's head...haha thanks Car.)

peace out...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

flying by

Well I still can't believe June is gone (if you can call that month June!) and now July is flying by just as fast! We have been enjoying our time with family and friends, playing in the sun, going to baseball games, grilling hot dogs and hamburgers much later than dinner time, and overall watching Taryn find the joys that summer brings. are a few tidbits to fill you in

Lisa came over and took some great family pictures of us and Robbie's side of the family...

Robbie's sister Brooke, baby Wyatt, and Jordan

Robbie's other sister Carrie, Steve, and Wrigley

now that the rainy days have passed (knock on wood) we've been spending a lot of time lounging at the pool...

and of course we had a great time celebrating the free country we live in on the 4th...

watching the parade

copying grandpa at Taylor's game..."you stink mr. upm"

waiting for the fireworks to begin

and that's about it! - for now...