Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mohanna you Ugly!

Friday night was our friend Whitney's birthday party and it was Johnny Lingo themed... we watched the movie Johnny Lingo, ate yummy Hawaiian food, had relay races "milking cows," and lots of other fun games followed by swimming. Taryn even had a dress to wear that went with the theme thanks to her "great" aunt Becky who brought it back from Hawaii.

What a joy being a mom is...

So this morning started out with me jumping out of bed...the night before I set the alarm for 8:00 thinking, why am I doing this, I'm sure I'll be up around then anyway because I have a living, breathing, very wiggly alarm clock....but I set it anyway. So Taryn was snoozin' in our bed (I always bring her in after her early morning feeding) and I thought, wow it's pretty light out...what time is it??? 9:20!!! Of all days, Taryn decides to sleep in now....AHH I have to be to work by 10:00...I seriously need to shower, and I need to feed her before I go!
"What the heck happened to my alarm?!"
"I pushed snooze," says Robbie sleepily...
"Well why didn't you wake me up?" I've gotten so used to ignoring the alarm because Robbie's the one waking up to it the rest of the week that I didn't even notice him pushing snooze over and over and over again. I rush in and fix up my make-up from the day before that I of course didn't wash off last night, throw my hair in a ponytail, brush my teeth while getting something to wear...then Robbie yells and holds up Taryn who's back is covered in a major blowout of poop! Which by the way is all over our sheets I had just washed and changed the day before because of the exact same incident! SO I get completely ready in less than five minutes and Robbie cleans up Taryn, then passes her over to me so I can feed her...she decides she wants to be silly and take her dandy old time while I'm like c'mon honey get to business mommy's in a hurry. HA, well you can never hurry a baby. Then I sit there and tell Robbie to get a lunch ready for me to take (and I love him for helping me, but he has to ask about each individual item to put in including what kind of candy bar, what kind of crackers...) then I ask him to switch my wallet, phone and all the other stuff I need from the diaper bag to my purse. (By the way I have 5 minutes before I need to leave to be to work on time) Then Taryn starts to spit up followed by projectile puke all over me, her, and the couch!...Like burp cloths really make a difference. SO I hand her over to Robbie and strip off my soaking sticky clothes (now I really need to take a shower!!!) Then there's a knock at the door...seriously! Of course Robbie's in his underwear and I'm in the middle of changing...who in the world could be knocking at our door??? I grab my robe and open the door to find two workman who are there to paint our door (they're in the middle of repainting all the buildings in our complex) they tell us we have to keep the door open for 30 minutes for the paint to dry around the I'm down to one minute to get to work on I find some new clothes, grab my lunch (thank you honey!!), grab my purse and I actually do get there on time!!! WOW! Life as a new mom is never ever dull in any was shape or form...and I'm sure there will be plenty of chaotic mornings to follow!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gifts Galore

Brett's older sister Heather (also mine and Lisa's Y.W. president from growing well as the salon owner of the first salon I worked in!) threw Lisa a bridal shower last night. There were new and old friends from their ward who brought fun exciting gifts...and Lisa was worried she would have nothing to decorate her place with! HAHA, I told you there'd be PLENTY! The pile of gifts grew and grew...what a generous bunch! I can't wait to help you put it all away the same way you helped me! Only 3 more weeks before the big day!!!

The pile kept growing


Brett didn't want to miss out on the party...

Ears Pierced...Ouch

So I felt like a really mean mommy...but all the other moms that have done it said it's better to get their ears pierced when they are babies so they don't remember and can't fidget with I got brave and did it. Taryn only cried for a few seconds, but I still felt horrible! Adding some extra bling helps with the baldness so she doesn't get mistaken for a cute little boy!

Have you gone crazy mom!!!
Not sure what she thinks about the whole thing...

...but decides she like them and life goes on as it did before

Saturday, August 11, 2007

3 months and counting...

Taryn had a little photo shoot at Target the other day, they were able to capture a few of her very cute faces and smiles...but I still think my little sister Amy does a better job of taking her pictures, she can really get her to smile big! She loves her aunt Amy!

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Taryn was blessed by her Daddy today! He did an amazing job, it was very special and meaningful. We had a lot of family and friends join us for a brunch afterwards to celebrate this special day!

Our sweet baby girl...doesn't she look adorable!

Her feet are not really this big...we stuffed cotton balls in the toes!!

A few of the guys that participated in the blessing

My Dad and Amy

Two of my very cute cousins...Sammy and Tabby

Brooke and Jordan

Malia, Kaia, Carrie, and Steve

(Nonnie and Grandma Cox)...2 of Taryn's 4 Great Grandma's

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Robbie's younger brother came to me with a have me cut a MOHAWK, no not a "fo-hawk" but a for real...short on the sides...long on top kind. Sorry Margo, but he is a paying customer!!

VeGaS bAbY!

So it was our friend Brian Adair's 30th birthday and his wife Amber threw an amazing SURPRISE party! She really went to town with it was Vegas themed and they had all the black jack tables (there was no REAL gambling, I promise!) and yummy food, as well as a raffle full of fun prizes! We had a blast hanging out with everyone and enjoying the night.

I think I went a little crazy on the costume, but was VEGAS night, you really can't over do it!

Robbie was suppose to be a typical tourist

Natalie is really wearing a wig, pretty sweet!

Here's the birthday boy, with the party planner (Great party Amber!!!)

Aiden (Brian and Amber's son) was ready to blow out the candles for his Dad