Saturday, August 29, 2009

a cheerleader and a football player

This year at Olympus High School, it's bound to be a memorable one. My brother Taylor is a junior and is on the football and baseball team. Then there is my youngest sister Amy who is a sophomore and one of the cutest cheerleaders alive. Last night was one of the best games I have been to in a long long time!

Olympus vs. Skyline
Rivals since time began.

Let's just say we showed them who's who and now we're in possesion of the infamous "rock."
Ahhh it feels good!
Watching Taylor on the defensive line looking like an animal about to tackle it's prey was pretty awesome. My brother ROCKS! And my family was all in attendance to support.
It's what we love to do!

we're #1 fans

the crowd running to the field to praise the players

We won 28 - 14


Then there is another cheerleader in training.
If she had her way, she'd be in their little line the entire game.

this was the green/grey game where the younger girls got to dance and cheer with the real cheerleaders. Unfortunately they have to be over 3 years old, so Taryn didn't make the cut.
Pretty sure she was way more into it then a few of those 3 year olds.

Next year babe, next year.

As for this year, it's Taylor and Amy's glory days.
So proud!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanna be where the people are...

Ariel is our girl right now.

Taryn has a demanding list of "needs" she goes through each morning, every snuggle moment, each car ride, or just when she realizes one is missing.

They come in any given order...

- binki
- doggy

and now - Ewiew (Ariel)

There's something captivating about that little mermaid...she's really got it all goin' on,
if you haven't noticed.
The hair, the smile, the skinny body, the awesome shells, and not to mention...that voice!

Tonight Tar and I made a quick run to the grocery store for some dinner items and while I kept wondering down the cereal isle, taryn came to a quick stop as she saw a box of fruit snacks with a grand picture of you know who on it. Lucky for me that box was on sale so I thought "ahh, what the heck, I would have loved that back in the day!"

She treasured that box the entire (2 minute) drive home and after opening her a package, she really took her time examining those little fruit snacks, no rushing it this time. We've got princesses on our hands here.

Luckily I had the feeling of testing out my camera today to see if it would magically work...and guess what...IT DID! So next time we watch "Ewiew" I will have to do a little video of Taryn's version of "part of your world" or maybe "kiss the girl" - They're all pretty good ;)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

mawage is what bwings us togefa today.

it did bring us all together once again to celebrate a close friend sealing the deal!

(did ya get that pun!)

Lucky for me I helped the bride (my good friend Allison) get all dolled up by doing her hair. I absolutely love weddings, especially when I get to attend the sealing in the temple and watch the bride and groom become an eternal family as well as take in the beautiful words and covenants.

This time I thought about how many people there are in this world that don't have the gospel and the wonderful feelings and blessings the temple brings.
Peace, hope, gratitude, and so many more that I felt that day.

Makes me want to be a better

I was also excited to help Allison afterwords in the brides room to get into her amazing dress and make that veil stay put. I don't think I've ever seen a more exciting and glowing bride!
It was such a fun day!

Again, I am borrowing pictures from my friend Lisa
(hope you don't mind!)

waiting in the hot sun for pictures...

the poses we do at every wedding...

#1 - showing off our best assests

#2 charlie angels - can you tell who the creative one is? hmmmm

feeding cake the nice way.

the girls in their black and pink

I can't believe I've been friends with these girls since junior high...
It seems like just yesterday!

taking off for the night and heading on to Hawaii!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

well look who's back...

yeah yeah yeah, I know I've been a slacker. But, c''s summer time and I of course should be spending my time out and about frolicking rather than a staring into the computer screen.


So ya, that's my excuse.

As well as my camera not really up and working up to its full potential. What's a blog without pictures? HUH!!

Luckily I've got my iphone.
Love that thing.

Ok - so here's a rundown.

We cheered Amy on at her last day of cheer camp.
O . . LY. . MPUS!
Did ya get that cheer? Maybe if you're a titan...

Taryn is most definitely a future cheerleader. She's got the cheesiness to fit the part.
She even wore the school colors!


We have had some yummy cookouts up Millcreek Canyon. I love being less than 10 minutes away from these spots.

1st was with my family for Sunday foil dinners.

wouldn't be a cox family night without our freakish talents!

*pictures by Lisa and her amazing camera

2nd was with friends who we see not nearly enough.

*pictures by Lisa Johnson...thanks for documenting :)

Sometimes Utah, I take you for granted. I will try to do better.


And for the last event I'll be presenting tonight...
Our Zoo Evening.

We went for Robbie's work party and everything was F.R.E.E.
me likey that word.

They even shut it down to the public for the evening, we all had to wear purple wrist bands to stay in.


watching the elephants and riding the giraffe...the new baby giraffe was already going to bed so we weren't allowed to go in and see him.
The carousel one had to do.

Riding the train

eating ice cream bars with daddy.

We made most of the rounds of animals before tragedy struck.
Mr. Cougar was putting on a show prowling back and forth on his territory so we all went up to have a closer look. To get up close and personal you have to travel up a small rocky hill and Taryn took a spill falling backwards/flipping/cartwheeling/crazy diving down it.
Nose diving that is.

So we ended the evening like this

but felt better seeing the snow leopard and her new baby...

there's just something about little girls and babies.
We always fall hard for them.

the drive home.

she was totally into the band aid on her owie. I never got a picture of it's really bad day. Luckily it's healing just fine and should be back to normal soon!

farewell for now...