Monday, August 16, 2010

august sixteenth

a year ago today

I set up chairs and a long table in my backyard.

I bought balloons and tied them to my fence.

I ate dinner with my whole family.

I wanted to make my Dad's 50th birthday a special one.

My mom suggested we put together a book with 50 favorite things about our Dad. Never did we realize just how special this book would become. My mom made one of her own. My Dad was thrilled. He read it slowly and smiled, and laughed, and was even surprised! The last favorite line I wrote on my page was, "I love that you will be there at the hospital when I have my baby in April."

I was 6 weeks pregnant.

All I can think about today is how awesome of a Dad I have. He would do ANYTHING for me.
And he did.

Today I wish I had met him at the salon to give him a fresh birthday haircut. We would have talked about the times me and my sisters would do his hair when we were little, spraying his hair with a water bottle, a half an inch away from his head. He'd just sit there with a towel around his neck getting soaked.

Then he'd ask me what he should do about all these grey hairs... and I'd tell him he earned them.

I would have told him about the latest laughs we've had on Taryn's behalf.
Today she took me to her make believe castle in our kitchen and told me about all the flowers in front of it and how she needed to call Cinderella because she was getting married and wants her to come.

Then when I'd be finishing up and trimming his neckline we'd talk about how hairy he is...and how I could keep trimming down his back.

Then he'd get out his checkbook and I'd tell him he does NOT have to pay me cause he's my Dad! That would just be silly!
But he does anyway, then he says part of it is for Mom's hair too. I know he does it because he loves me and wants to help me in any way possible.

Then he'd give me a big hug and say thanks. I'd tell him it's no problem. Then he'd say bye, I love you, and I'd tell him I love him back.

Today I am celebrating my Dad's birthday. I'll meet friends and family for dinner and we'll enjoy our time together. Because knowing now what I didn't know back then is that life is precious and we must Live It.

Enjoy it.
Honor it.
Learn from it.
Love it.
Build it.

and then
Return from it.

Happy Birthday Dad!
Thanks for teaching me about life and how to live it fully.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a little of this and that

Taryn is swimming now! Like really going at it!
Remember this...
Robbie must have the magic touch.

check it out, face in the water and all!

Tenley and I sat on the edge and cheered her on.
Her luscious locks are falling out :( or maybe her head just grew and it all spread out?

and every dad does this to their little ones

Dinosaur Museum.
We were first timers.
We of course went with our favorite peeps.
Ava & Gage & Kim :)

played in the sand...

has never been one that enjoys getting messy


save a horse, ride a dino!

Now these two together is so funny.
I think we have an arranged marriage on our hands.

see, this pose could end up like this...

I'd be a very proud mama if that pans out.

isn't he handsome?!

Some cute pictures of Tenley.
Ya know, cause it's my blog and I can't get enough of her oooey gooey yummy gobble her up scrumdidilyupmtiousness!!!!!!!!


And now to leave you on a funny note...
this is what I noticed taryn doing while I waited in line at Tjmaxx