Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Meet the newest member of our family.......Lexie! She is 2 years old and is such a wonderful doggy! We have had so much fun with her, especially Taryn! You'd think the size difference would intimidate her, but NO...she loves to follow her around, give her toys, pull her tail, play tug-o-war, lift up her lips to see what's really hiding under there, and play play play! It's been a great form of entertainment! Robbie's friend from work and his family have had Lexie for two years, but just recently found out their son was allergic to her. I know they are very sad they had to find her a new home, but I want them to know she is being well taken care of and very much loved! We are so impressed with how obedient and easy going she is. She's so chill...just lays around all day, really living the hard life. I hope the Dorenbosch family knows they are MORE than WELCOME to visit Lexie whenever they want!

checking out the bling

Showing Lexie how important it is to have some good firm hairspray.

Friday, September 26, 2008

YES, i shop at the D.I.

...but only to find the real treasure’s , not junk.

D.I. can be an exciting adventure. I know there are some who automatically think,

"Ewe. Gross. Dirty. Used."

But in my mind I think some other person's junk really could be my treasure! And lately I have had some good luck. I think finding a good bargain is on my top ten of happy moments. Honestly, it gives me a rush of adrenaline. So, because I have enjoyed what I've found these past couple of weeks, I'm going to give you viewers the honor of discovering just what great things can appear at our local thrift store. It's not only great for finding costumes for different eras...there are also real bargains for the era we currently live in!

See for yourself...

This is my absolute favorite find. A homemade red jumper dress perfect for winter time. The big black buttons are the best! And like I said, luck was on my side and I found this perfect shirt to go with it. The little scotty dog adds the perfect touch! (total $4)

Anyone been to Oneity? This dress was originally from there. It's the perfect fit for Taryn just in time for fall. All it needs is a little pink ribbon around the waist and some pink tights to match and wahla, church here we come. $3

My mom spotted these. She has been keeping her eye out for some overalls. I guess it is a must for Taryn to have some overalls. Gymboree brand. Girly ruffles. Little flowers. Awesome. $2

A pink sweater for valentines :) $2

Toys can be a scary isle, but it's the best in my opinion to get a lot for a little. Clorox is my best friend when it comes to used toys. Afterwards, they look sparkling new! (total $7)

I scored on a couple of items for myself! These jeans ($4) looked and felt brand new. Old Navy brand in my size and LONGS! - never something I find at Old Navy itself. Then there was this cozy teal pea coat. $5 bucks people.

And of course I had to throw a picture in of the Tarbug.
She's so awesome I can't stand it!
(and yes I did finally chop my hair, good good change)

BTW, Robbie came in wondering why I am blogging about the D.I. and I said, "you can blog about anything you want to so that's why." Then I felt him roll his eyes behind me.

He just doesn't get it.