Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Let me explain - so Taryn is attached, like seriously LOVES this...animal...she stumbled upon it herself at Old Navy when my sister and I were shopping. All of the sudden I noticed she was holding this stuffed animal in her stroller and I was like where did you get that??? Then I realized she had picked it up from a basket of toys that was the exact same height as she was in the stroller, WOW she's starting this now? I'm in trouble for the future when we go shopping! Anyway, so then as we tried on clothes and walked around some more she had totally soaked the price tag with slobber and as the lady rang us up she thought it was the most disgusting thing! What the heck lady, she's a little baby...c'mon...seriously! I said sorry for the slobber mess, and she replied with a smug, "well I'm not touching that, you can try to ring it up yourself!" Amy and I looked at each other like is she for real??? The bar code was destroyed so then she picked it up with her fingertips like it was the nastiest poopy diaper and found the numbers on the tag to type in...$.99 cents - then she tossed it over by our bags and that was that! Fast forward a month later and this thing has been slobbered on WAY more than imagined! We could not figure out if it was a kitty or a monkey or some creature we've missed on the discovery channel, so this past Sunday we decided to name it "Monkitty" - half monkey, half kitty! Taryn adores this little thing, she sleeps with it, cuddles it in her car seat, and twists it's fur between her little bitty fingers. Dang I should have gone back and bought 10 more!

Snoozing with monkitty

A post dedicated to the Robster...

So I know it's a little late for a valentines day post, but I didn't want Robbie to be forgotten. So here's to you babe, my valentine who I feel so lucky to have! I love you so much and love that you treat me like a princess everyday! Thanks for supporting our little family and for being our number one man...you really are the best!

LoVe YoU!!!

Book Worm

Taryn loves books and I love reading them to her! Like many other parents we have a bedtime ritual of reading some books followed by singing songs and we started this when Taryn was a few weeks old. At first it helped her to fall asleep I think because the sound of my voice was comforting...and now she loves to try and "turn" the pages and will follow your finger as you point to the words. Every couple of weeks we go to the library and pick out a bundle of fun books to read. I hope she'll continue to love reading as she grows up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Our sink in our new place is the perfect size for Taryn to have a bath in...and it's yellow! How can you not have fun in a yellow tub?! Taryn has grown to love bath time, she splashes and plays (with anything but the toys) and makes this funny gasping sound when you dump water over her head. She's also discovered to stick her toes up out of the water and see them fall back in and disappear under the bubbles - so simply entertained. I love to see how fascinating little things like this are to her. I wish I could see the world through her eyes!
Actually playing with a toy...usually it's the cup I pour water over her head or the wach cloth.
I love babies after a bath - my favorite scent

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

Oh how I wish it were spring! I am so ready for warmer weather and baseball games...Robbie stuck his hat on Taryn and she thought it was pretty fun. I think she's ready for spring as well so we can get out of the house and play in our new yard!!!

This is her new face she pulls...

Taryn LOVES baby food - but you wouldn't ever know it!

She's small and skinny, but she can eat like crazy! This little chick can gobble food right down, she absolutely loves baby food, any kind - peas, carrots, green beans, veal (ok, kidding, but they do have that kind, NASTY!) She gets so antsy if you don't get it to her fast enough...That's my little 15 pound baby girl!

Happy 30th Natalie

Natalie's family threw a successful surprise party for her and we were there to witness it! It was "Nacho Libre" themed and we had so much fun playing games, eating food, and laughing our guts out at the real live Nacho Libre that came to visit! (aka Natalie's dad)
The Birthday HAT! Natalie's mom made it, and she wore it woth class.

Smack that Pinata!!
A game that only Amber was limber to win!

Girls Night Out

There's nothing like a great girls night out! Me and my gal pals, Natalie, Amber, Kim, and Loni all got together for some dinner and then we hit the dance floor! It was so much fun to just be goofy and watch all the other people look at us like we were insane. Little did they know two out of the five were pregnant (Kim and Natalie) and all of us are mommies! I love getting together with the girls to chat, laugh, and sometimes even cry...but no matter what we always have a great time!

This was the crazy old man that goes by the name of "Gene Gene the dancing machine." He was nuts, but he made for a good laugh...

Natalie showin' off her moves