Saturday, September 15, 2007

The wedding has finally come and gone!

Lisa and Brett are officially hitched! It's amazing how much time, planning, and money go into something like a wedding and then it's all done and over with in one day. But we had a great time and it's a day Lisa and Brett will cherish for the rest of their lives!

They were married in the Salt Lake Temple
September 12th, 2007

This was actually at the dinner the night before...Taryn was SO cute!

Robbie and I couldn't resist!

Coming out of the Salt Lake Temple, what a beautiful sight!

Taryn had just about had it...she was starvin...

Lauren and Amy

Robbie and Taylor looking handsome

All the grandkids from the Healey side plus Taryn

The bridesmaids...yes there were 11 of us! There are a lot of Healey's!

Elise, Lisa, and Stephanie...a couple of her good friends

Me and baby booga

Some of the decorations. It looked so pretty when the sun was setting...the prisms started to shine and the candles were lit up... it looked beautiful!


There goes the guarder...woo woo

Brett and his posy

I forgot to get a picture of the real car, but it was decorated really cute! Amy had tied Diet Coke and Dr. Pepper cans (Lisa and Brett's favorites) to the she had cut out cute letters that said Just Married and stuck them on with whip cream! Much classier than our messy car we left in on our wedding day! We had to clean up peanut butter, dish soap, oreos, and who knows what else...YUCK!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Which Way?... Mid Way!!

This Labor day weekend we spent time up in Midway like we have done for so many years. We are lucky enough to stay at the Homestead thanks to my Grandparents...we always have such a fun time walking around Swiss days, enjoying the peaceful scenery, and spending time with family. Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma McClellan! We love you!

Taryn with her Great Grandma McClellan

Here we are at Swiss Days! It was WAY TOO HOT!

Cute pumpkins! Yay for FALL!

Every girls dream who had an American Girl Doll

Ready for church

Snuggling in the baby bjorn with Aunt Amy

Go Robbie, getting pumped for a motorcycle ride

Robbie and Tay

Pretty flowers at the Homestead

My aunt Patty was nice enough to give us pedicures!

Ooh Ahh...

Munchin' on some goodies while my feet get beautified

Girls Night Out

Some of my high school girlfriends got together to celebrate Natalie's announcement of being pregnant!!! She just found out today that she is having a BOY! We are so excited for her and her growing was also fun to catch up and see everyone!

Natalie, Me (and Taryn), Tiare, Allison, and Konni

Natalie and I

Yes I know Taryn's flower is huge...but it's SOOOO cute!

Konni and Allison

Natalie and her little baby belly!