Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flashback to the 8o's

Last Saturday night we had a party with all our pals at our place that was

80’s themed!

Thanks to all you who got into the spirit of bringing the 80's back for the night...I went all out and was afraid I'd be the only one (so of course I made Robbie dress up too!) We had the top 100 songs from the 8o's playing...which I tried to play on my awesome "ghetto blaster" (as my mom would say) that I got for my 16th B-day - but it was having technical difficulties so we used Taryn's Barbie CD player!

I got this leotard for my eighth birthday (keep in mind it's VERY stretchy!) and I bet if I looked through some old pictures at my mom's I could find one of me pulling this EXACT same face when I tried it on with the matching spandex shorts. Awesome! - Robbie thought he was married to a 10 year old all night.

And we finally figured out I was a dead on match for Stephanie from full house! Ha, it's TRUE!

Natalie is always my partner in crime when it comes to themed parties! I love her "matching" socks and PERFECT teased bangs...I think we would have been a perfect pair back in '88 (since I was 4 and she was 10) - ha, I'm the youngest one out of our friends...they joked when they came by saying,

"were you even alive in the 80's???"

YES - "HOW RUDE" as Stephanie used to say on Full house.

Ba'dair (aka Brian Adair) went for the preppy look. Always advertising his company with a shirt - this time in hot pink - and his hair was classic with the slick combed back spiky part line.

Even though Lisa and Brett didn't dress for the occasion, they still looked great and we're glad they came!

Ben and Mindy...we need to see you more often!!

John and Jill
Robbie rides with John to work everyday and I don't think he could handle his job if John wasn't his sidekick!

Brooke and Jordan
He strutted his stuff lookin' like Magnum P.I in his pink polo and short shorts...only Jordan could pull off this look and not have everyone gagging

What a hottie

The Wilson girls - rock on.

A night out on the town

These girls just want to have FUN! And that's what we did - there was no talk of kids, babies, husbands, or anything else mommy related. We got crazy and ate dessert first at the olive garden with some yummy frozen raspberry lemonades. Then a stop at Mervyns since it was already after 9 and the mall had closed...we found a few good finds (what's a girls night without a little shopping???) Then on to the movie...we saw "What Happens in Vegas" - my new favorite show! I've seen it twice now and if anyone wants to go for a third time, I'm down! But the best part of all had to be our awesome photo shoot at the end of the night. Kim and Natalie are a little sleep deprived from their new additions so...

sleep deprivation + a camera = weirdness.

Amber making the car seat look cool

Thanks for the fun night chicas!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cherish the Little Things

This mom's little one year old drown and passed away recently and my friend Melissa posted about it. I would regret not taking her advice written below. Her blog entries from after her baby died are heart breaking but I can see how it would help you cope to share those before I go to bed here are a few things that Taryn did to brighten my day today...

- laughed at me hysterically when I was blowing my nails dry.
- made people smile at the D.I.
- crawled around in circles until she was worn out and ready for bed
- screamed at me for not cutting up strawberries fast enough for her to eat
- laughed at the 7 dwarfs singing "Hi Ho" on snow white
- played with her toes in the car seat
- threw her cup of goldfish crackers all over the D.I. floor
- cuddled and stared up at me with those big blue eyes while I nursed her before bed.

And here's what I found her doing after I was done blogging I love these moments! And am grateful for the technology we have to capture them!

"Take a minute for me tonight and record the little things your kids do right now. They don't even need to be cute things. Someday when your baby is grown you may even miss the food thrown on the ground or the face wiped on the sleeve. Cherish the little things. For the little things are the spice in life."

Go here for the full story - but only if you are wanting to shed some tears!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I went to the Winder Stake youth conference and met the guy who would change my life forever...Robbie Wilson. I still get butterflies thinking of those short 3 days. I've never been one to get "nervous" around guys, but with Robbie it was a different story. He made my knees give out! How could this mature returned missionary have any interest in me? I had just turned 18 ten days ago and felt like a little high school gal. I guess he must have seen something in me because the first day we got back from that little town called Mount Pleasant (it was pleasant - ha) he called me up and we had our first date at the Drive-in. Now, I highly doubt my parents (well my Dad) would have let me go to a Drive-in with this guy he had never met because we all know what the Drive-in's are known for...but hey they weren't home! Lucky me! From then on we were inseparable. He made me "melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July" - Darla from the Little Rascals - that was when we had our first kiss. And every summer night we'd start our goodbye's at 11:00 so I could be home by (or around) midnight. What a summer filled with memories that I will never forget, and here's to many more exciting summer nights to follow! (we have a date for this Friday at the Drive-in... gotta keep the tradition going!)

We look like little kids!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

To cut or not to cut...that is the question.

I've had the itch lately to chop off my hair. I'm one of those girls who tries and tries to grow it out, but ends up losing the battle because I have NO PATIENCE! Plus , my hair grows about an inch a year...seriously if you look back to pictures from October I think it's at the exact same length and I've only trimmed it a tiny bit! So I've set up a poll to get your opinion. Robbie says no...that's because I remind him to say that when I get to this stage of the growing out process. But of course he likes my locks longer - even though I have threatened him to ALWAYS say it looks cute when I change it. What can I say, I'm a hairstylist and can't keep it the same for too long. I get way too bored.

Here's a few pictures to help you make your decision...

Me today

My locks at Lisa's wedding

Shorter hair

Me with extensions

If I'm going to cut it, I'm REALLY going to chop it. Something short and sassy...maybe not such a drastic asymmetrical cut like Ms. posh here...but similar.

Maybe like my friend Heather who always has a cute short haircut (the one on the far right)

Like I said...I DON'T KNOW so help me out! Thanks!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alfalfa, Home Depot, and the guy who ROCKS my world!

First off... let me just say I am so blessed to have Robbie as my husband! He made a delicious dinner tonight. (which he saw on TV today) It was london broil stake with a side of coleslaw and polenta (Italian cornbread) and also yummy summer "sweet" corn - my family always makes fun of Robbie for saying there really is a difference between "sweet corn" and... "regular corn?" Whatever, corn is just corn, but yes there is fresh and the not so fresh kind. Back to my dinner was yumalicios and without me even saying a word he cleaned EVERYTHING UP! Hey, if I make the dinner... he's cleaning up. So wow I wasn't expecting that! What a great guy... and I bet if I asked right now for him to whip me up a shake in the magic bullet blender he would do it in a jiffy. I guess I take him for granted. So here's a thanks to having a wonderful husband who treats me like his queen!

Now here are some pictures to enjoy....

Yes my child has hair, just where it sticks up like Alfalfa!

13 months old and still fits in the sink...she is now afraid of the big white tub!

Testing out the patio furniture today while Daddy wondered the all famous Dad store..."Home Depot"

Ooooohhh, this is comfy!

Who wears short shorts??
Those are some CUTE legs!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Daddio!

Thanks for being an Awesome Daddy! Even though I can be quite the Mama's girl...I love my Dad! And why wouldn't I? ...he's the coolest one around!

When we first met.

You're always there to comfort me.

And snuggle when I'm not being a wiggle worm.

You show me the world on your shoulders.

And teach me how exciting sports are.

You give me yummy treats like chocolate and ice cream.

You can throw me over your shoulders like a "sack of potatoes!"

And into the air like a bird flying high.

So here's to the #1 Dad in the world!
I love you so much!!