Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some may say I have a problem...

I may have a little problem, you see as I went to Alby's (yes that is what I call Albertson's since I became a coupon sense member 2 years ago) tonight to drop off a red box movie and pick up some toothpaste...I stumbled upon a deal that made me take a double look.


It had me sold as a picture of Diet Coke was below these heavenly words.

(my purchase)

So the addiction lives on. I think if I wanted to stop, I could. Cold turkey. But why, when I love it so much? As I was clicking through the different blogs that I have become almost a daily visitor to (stalker sounds too creepy and I do not consider myself creepy) I stumbled upon this perfect description of a diet coke addicts tale. So I hope this cute and creative lady from beyond the point of the mountain doesn't mind me copying and pasting her ever so clever "break up" with our torn lover...

the break up

Diet_coke dear coca-cola inc,

what friggin geniuses do you have running your ad campaigns?? maybe we can put them to use solving the energy crises or figuring out how to help iraq run itself! due to the pierce-me-right-through-the-heart ads that could only be thought up by a true diet coker i am having considerable difficulty setting the date for my detox. i especially love the commercial where the pretty girl is on her computer (blogging, i'm sure) and reaches for her drink only to discover she didn't have a drink! oh how she and i chuckled and both went to get a new one from the fridge...and then! and then!! the ads end with the touching and true sign off: "yours, diet coke" and tears well up in my eyes. you see, only a true diet coke addict would understand that it is more than a drink; so much more than a fizzing, tingling, forehead relaxing refreshment. it is a friend. to each drinker it promises "i am yours". but this friendship comes with a heavy price, coca-cola, don't think you're fooling this girl! i am well aware of the bloated life of addiction that it entangles its lovers in. that price has caused a few break ups for us in the past, but i'm afraid this time i've had enough. i'm serving the papers. we're through. your clever tricks to get me to stay won't work. it's true, no one understands me like you. no one knows the paradox of my yoga ways and toxic refreshments like you do. but i'm afraid it's too little, too late. don't cry my love, we'll always have paris.

no longer "yours", (well....starting in a few days), km

Well said KM - It is so much more than a drink, but I am not quite ready to have a broken heart yet...maybe one day I can become as strong as you!

I also loved this little line from a previous post she had written -

"oh! how i hate you diet coke. i curse the day your sweet nectar ever touched my lips! (i loves my preciousssss....)"

She finally did it! - with the help of some cheezy bread

Last night I took Taryn
out before bath time to
unwind and walk around.
As I was chatting on the
phone and looking through the
mail she did this all on her own!
No assistance required!
She took these tiny
"grandma" steps for about 20 minutes...
all while munching on
some cheese bread.
Maybe that's the key
- put food in hand and it's a go!

I knew you could do it.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I decided to become Martha Stewart tonight and made what I'd call a "scrumdidilyumpcious"
I borrowed a few recipes that I saw on Good Things Utah awhile back and tonight was the night I gave them a try.

First: I made homemade dough from my mom's neighbor's recipe to make crescent rolls.

Second: came the marinade for the salmon
White Balsamic-Soy Glazed)

Third: was the steaming of the broccoli

And last but not least I made a few of these...
Summer Peach Pot Pie

Taylor came over for a hair cut so I made him test out my creation

WOW... I feel very homemakeresque!

And here was the CHERRY to top it all off...

Football has made it's debut

Friday evening we headed over to Olympus High to support my brother as he dressed for the teams first big game. It's about a 5 minute walk from our house to the school so we packed up the stroller and made the short trek over. Taylor was one of ten sophomores that was chosen to dress in his uniform, I thought that was pretty cool! It brought back a lot of memories walking around the track and seeing all the high school kiddos (they really look so young!) flirting and sporting their summer tan lines. Those were some fun days! I'm excited for the upcoming Friday nights to watch more games and hopefully the Titans can bring in some wins.

Making our way over - notice Taryn trying to pull Robbie!

Her worried face as Hillcrest makes a touchdown.

Her many other faces.

Uncle B making her giggle.

Her new friend, this little girl was her entertainment! I hope we see her again!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Dudes

Today is my little brother's 16th birthday. Wow, I can't believe he is that old...I remember being in junior high and thinking he and Amy would never get big. I was very wrong. He is about the cutest brother a girl could ask for. The lucky guy has three sisters to hang around so he's had his fair share of watching how us women work. I love my brother because we are so much alike! Lisa and Amy are the smart-never-forget-anyone-or-anything people (I'm not saying Tay and I are not smart, it's just every now and then we have a few brain malfunctions.) Some of our similarities include...

1. We never remember things, especially if it happened a week or longer ago.
2. We could survive off of cereal and fruit snacks

3. We are both pretty mellow people
4. Taylor is basically the male version of a ditz - I mean that with the utmost respect (if it makes you feel any better Taylor, I just googled the word utmost because I first wrote upmost and then thought...that probably is the wrong word!)

Basically we enjoy the simple things that life brings. Thanks for sharing a brain like mine Tay and I hope you have a terrific 16th birthday! I love you!!!

Now a shout out to my Dado who I think turned 29 this past Saturday. (Insert Janeen Brady's "My Dad is the greatest Dad" song to describe how I feel about my Dad - He also makes a pretty good grandpa.) I listened to these Janeen Brady songs ALL THE TIME when I was little and I really thought this song was about my I'll just type up the lyrics so you can have the full effect...

My dad’s the biggest guy, and my dad’s the strongest guy, and my dad’s the nicest guy of any guy in town.

He can do anything, he’ll fix your bike or fly your kite, cause my dad, my dad’s the greatest guy around.

He can throw a ball so high you think it’s going to break the sky; he knows the name of every kind of jet (vrooooooom);

He can add up any sum; he always has money for bubble gum. I haven’t figured how he does it yet.

But, my dad’s the smartest guy, and my dad’s the bravest guy, and my dad’s the neatest guy. It’s positively so.

Maybe I’ll introduce you, then you’ll know that it’s the truth that my dad, my dad’s the greatest guy you know!

Love you Dad!

Happy Birthday's!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Learning to walk... it's a long road, unless you have the perfect shoes!

Taryn is about this close (do a little pinch with your fingers) to walking all by herself. She's now brave enough to walk back and forth from one person to the other, but doing the task alone is still a little intimidating. She loves to push her sesame street walker type thing along our driveway. If she had it her way she'd go strait out into the street and never stop.
My mom was kind enough to supply her with enough footwear to last through the fall and maybe even winter depending on how fast her small feet grow! She said, "the shoes will help her have the confidence to walk!" - at least that was her excuse to my Dad for buying 4 pairs of puddle jumpers. What would we do without grandmas!
I think she was right...take a look at her getting the courage to make those first steps.


My good friend Natalie is in town for a few days so yesterday we grabbed some Cafe Rio and took our little peeps to the "Cinderella" park. We decided it takes us A LOT longer to just get some lunch and have a picnic now that these babies have entered our world. But we made the best of the little time we had.

Taryn was so funny trying to be a mommy to Lincoln. She kept trying to put his binki in his mouth and feed him puffs. But when it came to him playing with any toys she made sure to snatch them back. We'll have to work on the sharing thing.

There were some older kids swinging on the other side and they were all bummed out when Lincoln's swinging motion was in sync with theirs..."Oh man, I'm married to the baby!" Ha, Natalie and I thought that was pretty funny, she even caught it on video.

Dangit! We were talking about the fact that there aren't many pictures of ourselves on our blogs - we shouldv'e taken one! Guess that's a good reason for us to see each other again before you go!

Here's our picture! Yay for us...


That's Hot.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm playing too!

Mags posted this and I'm going to copy, I thought it was a fun one!

I am... generally a happy person.

I think... eating chocolate is the best thing ever.

I know... that my Heavenly Father loves me.

I want... to be a good mother.

I wish... money grew on trees.

I hate... when I open a cup of yogurt and it squirts on me.

I miss... my little honda accord. It was a good car - thanks Dad.

I fear... spiders of any size and earthquakes.

I feel... dirty and sweaty from weeding my flower beds.

I hear... crickets

I smell... probably not very good considering my answer two rows up.

I search... for cheap sales everywhere I go.

I wonder... when Taryn will figure out how to walk all by herself.

I regret... hurting anyones feelings - ever.

I love... when Robbie comes home from work and Taryn yells Dada with a huge grin on her face.

I care... about my house being clean more than I should - I'm a little OCD that way.

I always... open the blinds in my kitchen first thing in the morning.

I am not... a very patient person.

I believe... in eternal life.

I dance... in front of Taryn, a lot.

I sing... the national anthem by myself and I think I'm pretty good :)

I don't always... brush my teeth before I go to bed.

I write... too many lists that get crumpled up in my purse.

I win... random drawings like free meals, concert tickets, slippers....ya random.

I lose... my temper when I am clumsy.

I never... read my fortune before I finish the cookie. (ever since I met Robbie)

I listen... to church music when I feel down.

I'm scared of... hot air balloons.

I read... Stephenie Meyers books and I love them.

I am happy about... my life exactly how it is.

I tag YOU... if you want to play!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So you thought you could talk trash on us???

I love moments like this in the Olympics when it looks as though there is no hope for the gold and then a miracle happens right before our eyes! Robbie and I both jumped and screamed as we watched this world record breaking relay race. The French team had said they were going to
"smash the American's...that's what we're here for."

Well I guess they screwed up on that one!

O USA!!!

Scroll down on the video bar to
U.S. men win 4x100m free relay

to watch video

Exclusive Summer Olympics news & widgets at NBC!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The moment I have been waiting for....


Yes this may be pushing it, but I have been
waiting for this moment for
15 months.
I had an extra teeny baby elastic lying around so I thought, maybe just maybe I could see if pigtails would be possible.

And here are the results...

Yesterday at my parent's house - Amy had many more baby elastics!

And today after a trip to walmart...
more baby elastics and itty bitty clipies!

Then this

after eating

with lasagna
as hair product,
so it was
time for a bath

and another
go with

the new

Yes, that is a toothbrush in her mouth...lucky for me she loves to brush her teeth!

I don't know if we'll keep these an every day look because now I'm afraid all the hair she does have will rip out! But maybe every now and then we'll give them a go! :)