Thursday, April 21, 2011

remembering today

Today I don't care that I have a muffin top. That muffin top carried two baby girls that I love and adore.

Today I am happy to have a healthy body that can pull those girls along on a bike ride.

Today I feel blessed to see the "popcorn" trees, feel the spring breeze, and hear the birds chirpping.

Today I am letting the little things go, the fingerprints on the glass door, the spills on my kids shirts, the unwashed hair of their mother...

Today I find joy in cooking, baking, and preparing dinner for my family.

Today I am happy picking up toys, loading the dishwasher, switching out the laundry.

Today I smile while I watch my girls play and giggle together. Everyday I get to watch them grow as sisters.

Today I am feeling the spirit.
In my home, in new friends, and in my family.

Today I am living life...
and I love it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a parade, some pizza, and a toad.

Every week we've been getting to know new friends at playgroup. One of those friends invited us to her previous wards playgroup this past week for a parade. (I am loving playgroups... for reals, it's my saving grace) We brought along Taryn's scooter to decorate and ride around.

By the time everyone showed up, the kids were getting antsy and the wind had picked up.... but we weren't going to let that stop us.

I made sure to stick Taryn in the back of the line.
She's not one for speed.

Here is Taryn with one of her new buddies, Jocelyn. Such a sweet girl!

the line-up

In the meantime, Tenley sat still and quietly doing what she does best... eating.

The next day was Friday. I usually don't make any plans for Friday evening because Robbie's schedule is a little hectic at the moment. I never know what time to expect him home, but I was tired of making dinner, and decided we needed to venture out and eat somewhere new.

I had heard one of the playgroup mom's - a super cool one - mention a fun pizza joint that her kids love. Later, when I was looking through the mail, I came across a coupon for that fun pizza joint. You don't have to give me any more signs... it was decided, we we're out for a night on the town.

I called Robbie and said, "Get your behind home, we're goin' out!!"

Ok, so I don't have that much control, but lucky for us he was almost home and it wasn't even 6!

Loved this place. Cool and classy, yet still kid friendly. They even give the kids some pizza dough to play with and mold into whatever their hearts desire.

this guy was seriously showing off.
He tossed that pizza dough to be so large, it could have fed the entire Duggar family.

So yummmmmmmmy

Me and booga numero uno.

Booga numero dos.

That roll there is Taryn's creation from her pizza dough.
I had the show off guy put it in that big brick oven for a few minutes.

Oh, and I stumbled upon this guy the other night. He was hopping across our sidewalk.

I thought that was a tail.

He left that little present behind.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Fever

The weather the past few days here in Sparks has been heavenly!! It's put a spring in my step and an itch in my homemaking bone. The girls and I made a trip over to Michaels craft store and I immediately fell in love with their clearance section full of spring colored goodies.

See for yourself....

and it wouldn't be Easter without these treats.
-the bowl was filled with mini cadbury eggs, but they disappeared in less than a day... I won't name who devoured them, but I think they may have settled in my rear end-

We've been exploring all the different parks around here. So far we really like the one within walking distance.

this one is a different park close by the library...

you know how I feel about kites and things way high up in the air...
this picture makes my stomach jump.

I tried and tried to keep this one away from the wood chips...
then I gave up

Walking to "our" park.

Even Lexi wanted to soak in some rays

and when we aren't at the park, we're usually watching this....

which inspired us to be artistic with some chalk....

We are loving our big back patio!

Did you ever do this as a kid? We used to always outline ourselves and then color in what we were wearing.

Taryn keeps asking me when we are going back to Grandma's house, so we made a paper chain to count down the days....

She's still confused with how it works, but it was something to do :)

Unfortunately the clouds have come rolling in, but that makes for a cozy conference weekend :) I really want to take a drive over to Tahoe and check out the amazing scenery I keep hearing about. If it's not too rainy tomorrow, we just might make the trip!

oh... I couldn't leave you without sharing this...

I think Tenley has a thing for swings. ;)