Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sisterly luuuuuuuuuuv

Whenever I am cleaning up Taryn's room, I set Tenley on her bed... usually on the pillow, with her blankets tucked up, just like a big girl.

I think she feels cool, like a big girl, cause she never fusses on that bed.

Then one afternoon Taryn hopped on too and wanted to "get cozy" with baby Tenley.

so they got cozy and snuggly and cute.
and oooohhh I just love them :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

on this fathers day

On this fathers day I have a mix of emotions. I am happy to think of the past years. They are especially dear to me because my Dad and I have celebrated this day together on multiple occasions.

I was born on Father's day.

I will forever be grateful for that. My Dad was so excited to have a baby girl, he even wore a pink dress shirt to church. He was also the one who decided on my name. My mom wasn't so thrilled, she would call me Emily (what she originally wanted to name me) when my Dad would go off to work in the morning.

I love that my Dad had the final say on my name. I guess that was part of his Father's day gift.

Three years ago, Robbie and I had a new baby girl as well. She was 3 days shy of being born on Mother's day. I'm excited to share that special day with her when they fall together.

As I watched Robbie become a Father, I wanted nothing more than for him to follow in my own Dad's footsteps. I know he felt the same way.

My Dad IS Robbie's Dad. He looks up to him in so many ways. Today as he was getting ready for church, he pulled out his pink tie. I could see how proud he was to wear that for his girls.

He loves his girls. So so much. I know he learned part of how to love and raise daughter's from my Dad. When Robbie asked him if he could marry me, the one demand my Dad had of him was to make sure he would take me to the celestial kingdom

I will try my very best to get there Dad... to be with you.

Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer so far

These last two days have felt like eternity
After the longest winter of my life, I am done...
done done done with being stuck inside.

So here's to hoping for the upcoming week to being brighter....

especially because we are starting swimming lessons Monday,
and who wants to swim when it's 50 degrees??

With that in mind, here are some good times we have had so far this summer.

Taryn flew her very first kite
She really did it all by herself! Got it in the air on her own and everything!
Pretty impressive :)

my little pony kite
$3 at Harmons

Tenley and I hung out on the sideline and watched

isn't she just the cutest?!?

So proud of herself.

We met the newest cousin
Chamberlain (hope I spelled that right!)

He is a wee little thing...

Mommy Brooke (Robbie's little sister) and big brother Wyatt

We had quite the overload of fun
at America's Incredible pizza company. We had a VIP pass for the opening night and wow it was c.r.a.z.y!! We will definitely have to go back when there are not 1 million people there.
Think chuck-e-cheese, but totally upgraded!

The kids had their faces painted
and felt like rock stars!

These two kids are my best friend Kim's kids.
Ava (above) and Gage (below).
Taryn asks about 10 times a day when we are going to see them,
because we usually do see them about everyday :)

Gotta love a dance party in the parking lot!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

turning 3 - the second part I'm finally getting around to!


This was the best part of it all!!
Taryn is a little obsessed with Disney princesses. It is her dream to become one...
So what's a mom to do?
Just that!!
Let her be a full blown princess and invite all her princess friends to a very princess themed party!

- watch out... picture overload!! -

the party guests arriving...

the food.
donut holes, mini sandwiches, fruit ca-bobs, ding dong cakes, ritz crackers with cheese... and some strawberry cupcakes :)
(I may have gone a little overboard, but it was soooo cute!)

let the games begin!

make-up done by aunt amy :)

manicures given by aunt lisa :)

after the makeovers it was time to make some beautiful crowns

soon a very special guest arrived!!!

she read the girls a princessy story...
and they each got a picture taken with this lovely Cinderella.

then we had a break for a dance partay!

and what's a princess party without a scary dragon??

we of course sang happy birthday

and opened up presents

which was thanked with a hug

then it was time to take it easy while munching some popcorn to watch taryn's favorite princess show of the moment
- Enchanted -

Thank you Cinderella for making this such a special day!!

(I'll fill you in on a little secret... Cinderella is really my cute friend from high school)
You'd never know, right?!

and these just crack me up!
They decided to do their own makeup when the party was wrapping up.
lovely ladies...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

turn my junk into your treasure!





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