Sunday, April 11, 2010

a recap

Life with 2 little ones has been fun... crazy... different... fast...
and has put the blog on the back burner.

So, here's a little update in a nutshell.

I made the girls their own easter baskets.

Taryn's was a little overboard, but she loved it!

I think all she ate the entire day was candy.

Tenley sporting her easter attire.
(bunny binki and bunny onesie)

my little bunnies.

a few randoms...

this one looooves to be swaddled.

this one looooves to sprawl out.

Taryn took these next two pictures
I love her point of view....

mom doing a post baby shot

her new best friend

Even though we were able to pull off pajamas for our Easter sunday best, I wanted to have Taryn experience the excitement of getting a cute new Easter dress.

So today we had a photo shoot before I sent her off to church with Dad.

I love watching this sisterly bond that is blossoming before my eyes...
because I know how beautiful the full flower is in the end.