Thursday, April 30, 2009

burping contest

I could watch this over and over again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

more spring pictures

Lisa is really onto something

Or maybe my family is just really photogenic?

Hmmmm...well here are some of my favorites that she took...

She is just too cute for words.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My sister is cute

So, ya know my sister Lisa ...well she's married to a guy who really likes to spoil her, which in fact spoils the rest of us.

For example:
She was given a brand new Nikon camera for her birthday last month and can now take pictures like this...

To see more click here

So here's a thanks to Brett!

Oh ya, and she's such a great help with watching Taryn when I am in desperate need! Thursday I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled
- YIKES! -
and she has offered her aunt service for Friday afternoon so I can recover in peace.

I love you sister.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little obsessed

Getting ready for school was always so exciting for me. The new notebooks, folders, pens, and of course the backpack to organize all that good stuff into.

Love it!

So when I was pregnant with Taryn I could hardly wait to get the perfect diaper bag to fill with baby essentials. I began my quest to find the best one out there for the best price.

- must be durable/washable/stylish
- nothing cheesy
- no winnie the pooh
- something that didn't scream "I'm a mommy who get's to drag around this huge bag every time I leave the house!"

What I found was this...

JJ Cole system diaper bag
*Imagine the colors as spring green and bright pink instead of baby blue and orange.

When this arrived at my doorstep my heart fluttered with joy! Next step was baby showers to get the rest of my much needed items. This bag fulfilled it's job well with high expectations. I used it so much that one zipper broke and the strap started to tear. Well JJ Cole got a phone call from me and they sent me a brand new bag free Free FREE! wahooo!

Fast forward to today and I stumbled upon this...

You should see all the bells and whistles this thing has... they even have a VIDEO to show you! Now, this is not another "announcement" for those of you thinking too fast. But I guarantee next time around I'll be sporting the Ju-Ju-Be.

Yes the Ju-Ju-Be is just right for ME!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Saturday morning our neighborhood had a little Easter egg hunt. I was busy working at the salon so Robbie took Taryn, I guess they showed up 2 minutes too late because all the eggs had been snatched up! One of the cute girls who loves Taryn gave her a couple that she had and I'm sure Taryn thought she was pretty awesome. I wish I could have gotten some pictures of her with the kids because these kids in our ward seriously go nuts for Taryn. It's the cutest thing! They all call her baby Taryn and love to pick her up and give her treats. They even know monkitty. haha!

Sunday morning the Easter bunny stopped by our house and brought Taryn a basket of goodies. - too many goodies for one little 2 year old - I guess that's what happens when there is only one child to spoil! She wasn't quite sure what to think about all the goddies sitting in front of her, but once we started pulling things out she realized..."oh this loot is all mine!"

The rest of the morning was pure craziness...having breakfast (I wanted to have a yummy one for the special day) then trying to get ready for church, finish - actually start - my lesson, followed by getting to church on time! Needless to say, I failed to get a picture of Taryn in her Easter skirt. We'll just have to reenact that part.

After church and naps we went to Robbie's Mom's for dinner with the whole family. Wow it was delish! Margo made lamb and it just melted in your mouth. Carrie made her to die for orange rolls and I brought a salad, which must have been pretty good because that's what I'm usually asked to bring ;) There were potatoes and asparagus and last but not least...Nonnie's dessert which I have no clue how to spell out, but let's just say it's magical.

After our stomach's couldn't take any more we walked over to the park and enjoyed the nice weather.


Saturday night we headed down to Orem to join the Wilson clan for a Utah Flash game. Since Jordan (my brother-in-law) practices with the team he scored us some sweet court side seats. Taryn had a BLAST watching the ball fly around and all those tall players that looked like daddy! Every time music would start she'd dance her little tooshy around and around. She also loved being with her cousins, she gobbles up the attention they give her!

The "FOX"
Taryn called him "box, " and as soon as we got him close by us she totally freaked out.
Typical little kid.

The dance off...Taryn loves the cheerleaders, but got a little shy dancing out on the court.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A to the I

I have to say at first I didn't like Mr. Adam Lambert, but after seeing his performances these past few weeks he's beginning to growing on me. And when Simon Cowell gives a standing "O" know he's good!

Let's see what you've got for us next week!
You gotta bring it now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Me likey

I saw this commercial last night and thought it was CoOl BeAnS.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Objects in Mirror are closer than they Appear.

So I got me some new cheapo sunglasses this week at the big and glamorous Forever 21 store at Southe Towne. They make me happy...mostly because they make the sky look brighter than it really is and fool my eyes into thinking it's warm and sunny. If you see me around town I'll most likely be sporting them.

This weather...hmmm what can I even say that hasn't already been said?
I guess I'm just going to put it harshly...

It's time to

Winter is having a hard time this year detaching itself. Thoughts of spring and the oh so faraway summer seem hopeless. And to help this hopelessness I've taken up the sport of tanning. Yes I know it is naughty, but a girl needs to feel some rays! I'm using my trip to Cali next month as an excuse...ya know just getting prepped for that sunshine my body hasn't been exposed to in um well awhile.

Let me tell ya, it feels goooood.
I may just become an addict, again.

We'll see, it depends on this crazy mad women named Mother Nature.
I think she's PMSing real real bad.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hey, I never said it was in MY oven!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009