Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day

Santa brought this mini grocery cart with all the food and goodies to put in it.

She loves her Baby Stella doll. It was hard to get her to open anything else.

I actually won this game - remember I win really random contests.

Got a piggy bank, but all she was interested in was feeding Stella her peas.

My little ponies

YAY! I was so excited about this purse!!!

Robbie liked the Nike's I got him :)

And this one was a BIG surprise! Robbie somehow surprises me every year! This one said
To: The Wilson's From: The Clauses
Santa must have felt pretty generous this year!

Because inside was this! Sweet!!!

Taryn doing the sign for "Baby" because she wanted to watch her new Baby Signing Time DVD.

This is how excited she got once it started.

Another fun surprise from Robbie was this frame. He made it and put my most favorite picture of Taryn in it! I still can't believe he made this, shout out to the Robster - YOU ROCK!

My parents house.

We walked in and there sat this throne.
The Princess throne.
When you push the button on the wand it says all sorts of fun things like, "Welcome Princess Taryn, your royal throne awaits you!"
Great gift Grandma and Grandpa!

Lisa and Brett found another MONKITTY! It's more like a Mama Monkitty because it's almost 5 times the size! It's a good thing they found one because her other one got lost in the jumble of things at my mother-in-law's later that day. :( Hopefully it'll turn up. But for now Mama Monkitty is holding up the fort.

Always has to carry it by the tail.

Robbie got a Panini maker. Mmmmm, so good!

A bed for baby Stella.


Afterwards we headed over to my grandparents house to eat some breakfast quiche, go through stockings, visit with cousins, and open more fun gifts. I forgot to take pictures there as well as with Robbie's family! I guess we were just to busy enjoying the day. Thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts and most of all your love and friendship.
We love you!

Friday, December 26, 2008

December in a Nutshell

I've been slacking on Christmas blogging.
So here's a jumble of stuff....

Playing a lot at Grandma's house. Especially with the Nutcracker book.

Seeing Santa (which did not go over well!)
I'm still trying to figure out how to scan the classic picture of her screaming on his lap

Finally getting the curly hair figured out

Playing with cousin's at the Hoyt family party.

These cuties are only 2 weeks apart - and Taryn is the older one!

So excited to see cousin Wyatt and his parents!

The talent show, Taryn did itsy bitsy spider.

The little ones frosting cookies.

The Sunday before Christmas. Taryn was priceless in her fancy dress, shoes, bow and hair ;)

Our annual girls party with dinner and white elephant gifts. This year I was in charge.

Skiing on Christmas Eve.

It was just a little bit cold.

And I guess I won't be a scrooge......I'll post Christmas day separately, cause you know there are plenty of pictures there. ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mullet Be Gone

Yesterday was ...
The First Haircut.


I was NEVER going to become one of those parents who let their kids have a full on mullet. What can I say, it just sorta happened. I mean, it's not like I would leave her hair looking mullet-y. I always had it in pigtails whenever we'd leave the house. But yesterday was different. I was meeting my aunt and cousin at the salon to cut my cousin's hair and didn't have the extra 5 minutes to do Taryn's hair. So she was a ragamuffin child with drool covering her shirt and the mullet hanging down her neck. We decided it was time. Time for the big first haircut. Was I really up for it? I mean, it's just hair...it'll grow back. (Hopefully faster and fuller!) So I went for it and I'm so happy I did. She looks so cute, but a little too grown up now ;(

That's ok, I'm loving her new "DO."
She wears it well.


(with a sucker of course)

when we were home and I curled it under.
Because that's what obsessive-mom's-who-do-hair do.

Isn't she such a cutie?!