Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm married to an old man ;)

The Robster turned THIRTY!
Ya... I can't believe it.

I wanted to do something fun for his birthday so I invited some of our buddies to join us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We all kept it a surprise and luckily it stayed a surprise!
He had no idea :)

arriving to the scene

as you can see, he is shocked... haha

birthday boy ridin like a cowboy

Our group of friends!
(Tebbs, Perkins, and Healeys)

(Gillens, Bulls, Brian and his boys)

(Us, Rydmans, and Schraders)

Sunday morning was his actual birthday. The girls and I made birthday cards and chocolate covered strawberries (Robbie has quite the sweet tooth) then we set up his birthday presents and woke him up!

I love my old man ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's late... but I wanted to brag

It's 11:38 and I just checked on both my sleeping girls.
Is it weird that I love their different scents.
I wish I could bottle them both.
It gives me warm fuzzies inside.

Now, for your viewing pleasure here is some of the magnificent work of Jeanette. Ya... I am in love with these pictures. In loooooove!

I love Robbie's big gigantic smile
I love Taryn's bouncy curls
I love Tenley's polka dot thighs
I love that my hair is growing! Growing LONG!
I love our colors, which I actually planned out every single piece of clothing...
I love Taryn's shy smile
I love Tenley's laughing grins
I love that when I look through these I get teary eyed
I. Love. My. Family.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Girls Night Out

A G.N.O. is what our little buddy Ava requested for her birthday a couple weeks ago when she turned 5. (as well as a trip to build a bear...) And let me tell ya, we had a ton of fun... as usual!

Good times are always to be had with Kim and Ava.

This girl cracks me up. She is one of a kind. Totally independent and very motherly :) You'd think she was turning 16. For reals... Kim and I always joke that if our kids were left alone, they could probably survive at least a week with Ava in charge.

We started with dinner at Noodles and Co.

Then it was pampering time at the nail salon.


And to end the night off we got dessert at Top it... and I forgot to take pictures there. The night was getting late, and the girls were getting whiny, but they still had a ton of fun!

The next morning we met up at Build a Bear to have even MORE fun! Taryn woke up and the first thing she said was, "It's Ava's birthday day!!!" Honestly, these two are more like sisters. Ava likes to tell people they are cousins and Taryn just goes along with it. hahaha

The Birthday Girl!
This is what she chose to wear... got ready all by herself.

Giving her new friend a bath

We named her fluffly

And this explains Ava to a T.