Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you are four

May is coming to an end, and I cannot let it pass without documenting the birthday of a very special four year old.

We celebrated in Utah. The weather permitted some sunshine for a couple hours to eat cupcakes and pizza at one of our favorite parks. Taryn makes me laugh everyday. She is one in a million and I love every ounce of her!

I have to list a few favorites she has said or done lately...

-While staying at my mom's house she constantly was begging to either swing or go on the "jumpoline." - Now that makes sense.

-Everything that looks like a lizard, snake, or whatever this is (saw it on a walk here the other day) she calls an alligator. Even the tar swirling on the street from a distance to her is most definitely an alligator.

-She is constantly caring for Tenley. She never wants her to take a nap because she'd rather have her little sis be the sidekick to whatever she is up to.

- Glatulyns. This is her word for some kind of sparkly. It's different from diamonds, and usually mermaids have them. I find myself using the word too. I like it. I think Webster should take note of it.

- This gal could eat corndogs all day. And sometimes she does. I don't know why a corndog for breakfast would ever seem appetizing, but it's usually all she'll have. I give in because the girl is still the size of a baby bird.

- Lately she is really into picking out her own clothes. Which usually involves this skirt I picked up at the D.I. a few years ago. It never fit her small waistline until this year.... and now it is her most favorite piece of clothing.

- Her memory is insane. She can recall moments from before she was two. She will even shoult out in the car when we drive past a place we maybe went to one time and say, "Hey mom! I member when we went there and I wore my farkly shoes, and then tenley freaked out... and yada yada yada..."

- She loves loves loves to sing and dance. Any singing involves a lot of dynamics and vibrato. She does not hold back. Dancing is also very dramatic. I blame Disney.

- She is constantly comparing Reno and Utah. Our white house is at Utah, now we have a brown house at Reno... Cafe Rio is at Utah... the alligator we sawled is at Reno... Ava lives at Utah... (she likes using the word at) After we visited Lake Tahoe, she kept calling it Salt Lake. That whole explanation really through her for a loop.

- Calissa.... now this could be a post all on it's own. Calissa is her "friend" who she becomes randomly at any given time. She plays the part very well, calling me "Taryn's mom" and asking if taryn has ever been on the Mickey Boat. The things Calissa says are crazy sometimes.... For instance, while she was playing with Tenley as Calissa, she told me that where she comes from they eat their babies.
Yeahhhh, not sure how we feel about Calissa.

I still am in disbelief that I have a four year old. It is exciting, and fun, and makes my heart ache for her to stay little all at the same time. Driving home from church this past Sunday I really thought about her being my oldest. In reality she is me. She will always be my first baby, my little helper, the one who watches over her siblings, the "test child" who we learn parenting mistakes from.

Taryn is inquisitive, smart, cautious, imaginitive, shy, funny, and a beautiful little girl. I love her more than she will ever know!

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was on the phone having one of my daily chats with Kim.
I realized it was quiet...

too quiet.

so what were these two up to????

oh, just eating some laffy taffy flavored chapsticks.

and guess what...
I kept chatting with Kim and let them stay quiet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Visiting Utah - Perkins Style

Our visit to Utah of course was to visit family... but we could never show up without some plans arranged with the Perkins.

Oh how we miss you everyday....
ok... I can't say any more on the matter or else I will be in a flood of tears.

Here are some of our favorite spots where we met up to play.

Gardner Village
It was our first sunny day there and we lived it up.

It started off with a long walk on jordan parkway, follwed by some yummy lunch here and cookies that we did not want to share with the children. After that we did some duck watching...

Wheeler farm
Sunny day, but chilllllly. The kids didn't care though, and neither did the animals :)

my favorite cowboy....

seriously... I love this kid, mood swings and all.

This will be going on their wedding video in 20 years

best buddies 4-eva!

my other half

we felt sorry for this cow and her engorged looking udders

giving Tenley some love

We met up at some other fun places too... including our half way meeting point at McDonalds.
Our other favorite meeting spot is Target. Going there without these peeps is never the same.
Until next time Perkins....


I just realized I may have deleted the greatest videos of all time :( I was planning to post them at the end here cause they are hilarious... imagine these kids having their own conversation with a sheep and another one of them pestering a really testy rooster! Not to mention the best laugh you'd ever hear in your life... Kim's got a great one :)


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Questionaire

Taryn brought home a mothers day game from sunbeams.

It came with a bag of m&m's, and for each color was a question you would ask each other...
Her answers were awesome...

1. What is one of your favorite things to do with me?
Taryn's answer: HUG

2. Where would you want to go anywhere in the world with me and why?
Taryn's answer: on a trip... on the mickey boat.

3. What do you see us doing in ten years?
Taryn's answer: playing with chalk

4. Name three reasons why you love me
Taryn's answer: you share with me, you make me dinner, and you be nice to me

5. Ask me any question you like!
Taryn's response: Did you and Daddy ride in a carriage at the temple when you got married?
(Robbie was explaining to her that today is our anniversary)

6. Hum a tune and see if I can guess it...
Taryn's response: She hummed the same note and I guessed I am a child of God.

Right now she is standing on a chair at the sink "doing the dishwasher" in her sleeping beauty dress. What a great helper on Mother's Day! I love this girl and I am so grateful to be her mom. Even though there are times I want to shut myself in in my room and escape the chaos of mommy life, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
These girls are my everything.

I love you sweet booga babies!! Thank you for always loving me.

oh and check out my hairdo... I wanted to try something new and I saw this on a blog I regularly stalk...and gave it a try

whatdaya think?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter in an eggshell

So we just got back from our trip to Utah.

It sure is weird to say that... our trip to Utah. I kinda want to say we went home to Utah, and now we are back visiting Reno.

before I get to that, I don't want to skip Easter.

So here are pictures from our Easter weekend....

Taryn and I dyed eggs while Tenley and Lexi played with the plastic eggs.

Taryn's outfit for the egg dying...
sweet flight of the concords shirt :)

Mr and Mrs egg

the Easter bunny brought some awesome goodies

then we searched for all the eggs in their silly places....
while Daddy and Tenley slept.

She loves her new jammies!

and her cute Easter dress!!

I finally woke Tenley up ten minutes before we left for church.
Sheesh, I wish I could sleep in and look that cute with ten minutes to get ready!

oh, and look who exists!
Our very busy Daddy!!!

and after church, these girls got into some mischief...

while mommy was busy making this Easter dinner :)

I was very proud of myself!

The next morning I got the girls in our loaded up car at 5 am and we made the long drive "home."

I'm already planning our next trip ;)