Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stroll around temple square

On Monday when the weather was absolutely perfect I took the Tarbug downtown to take a stroll through temple square. We were actually waiting for Robbie to get off of work to meet his Dad for dinner. I love the feeling I get when I see the temple, it's amazing how strong the spirit is just from walking around temple square...looking at the temple and imagining all the work the pioneers went through to make it. I'm so thankful we have so many temples close by us!

Taryn staring at everyone nearby
(notice I have her strapped in!)

trying to get a cute picture in front of the flowers
- not happenin

Baby Booga and Mama

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

I LOVE flowers and I can't wait to plant some in our yard - but there are a bundle of tulips that have bloomed in our backyard...right smack in the middle of it! But they are simply gorgeous! I think tulips are in the top 3 of my favorite flowers. They look so clean cut and bright. I'll have to pull them out when they're done being beautiful and place them in the front for everyone to enjoy next spring!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby goes down

Well I feel like a bad mommy - Yesterday we were outside watching Robbie mow our lawn for the first time and I had Taryn in the stroller....I rarely ever buckle her in because first of all she's still too small to climb out(unless she's throwing a fit and slides down the bottom) and second it's kinda pointless when the straps just fall to the sides because she's so petite. So as I'm watching and thinking to myself mmm, I love the smell of fresh cut grass I hear a little cry in the background and I turned around to find Taryn face down on the CEMENT! OH MY GOSH, I think my heart stopped...I screamed and picked her up not knowing what kind of a mess I'd find, luckily there was none. I checked every inch of her little body and all that remained from this incident was a little goose egg on her fore head. I still have no idea how she managed to get out, she was sitting so still and watching the lawn mower in amazement. At first she was just whimpering...but then she realized what just happened and the wailing began. I think it scared her more than hurt...I felt so bad! It was the first accident with the first child and I'm just so relieved she's A-Ok!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do you ever feel like your mind is going a million miles a minute? That is me this morning...I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do for Taryn's big first birthday and I don't want to go crazy overboard since she won't even remember a thing...but at the same time it's the FIRST one so I want it to be special! So thoughts of invitations, decoration, cake, presents, and everything else are filling my mind.

I'm also reading Twilight again, Ah love it!

(which by the way you can go onto Stephanie Meyers website and read the first chapter of Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edwards point of great!) Here's the link, So now I am also filled with thoughts of Edward and Bella. Can't wait for the movie this December!!!

Random note - I was just thinking how very clever I was with my post title this time last year for a baby shower my friends gave me - April Showers bring May Babies!... I feel so proud for coming up with that...but I am so glad that time is over, the whole being 16 months pregnant! Well, that's what it felt like. Sorry Shaundee, Natalie, and Kim :( Your cute spring babies will be here soon! :) Speaking of spring babies, here's one that I think is pretty darn cute...and funny!

Here's how she feels about her aunt Amy...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Food Court Musical

Robbie and I stumbled upon this on you tube and thought it was pretty funny stuff...I think we should all live our lives as a musical!

How's your view?

Our view is all's everywhere around us right now, especially our front yard. I am so sick of hearing trucks backing up I could scream! It's really fun to put Taryn down for a nap and then ten minutes later wakes up because the noise is never ending! So here is my vent post about me it looks like all they are doing is moving piles of dirt up the street and digging, lots of digging. And why do they do it on every street I go on, it took me FOREVER to get down 33rd south the other day, so I went down a side road thinking I'd take a short no, they are there too!!! Robbie says there are only two seasons to Utah, winter and construction, I'm starting to think he is right.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Oly buddies

The mommies - plus one to be

My friend Natalie came into town with her little 2 month old baby boy Lincoln. So of course we rounded up the gang and had dinner at Macaroni grill. Let me tell you, this baby is so dang CUTE! And I can't get over all of his hair...seriously Taryn won't have that much until she's 5. I can't belive so many of us are becoming mommies...It seems like just the other day we were hanging out at Tiare's house eating kettle corn and flirting with boys! Life goes by way too fast and we need to get together more often!

Little Lincoln...I love him!

Merdith, Me, and Tarbug
Heather, her little girl Finnley, and Allison
Natalie, Lincoln, and Tiare
Lisa and Meredith
Thanks for the fun dinner - lets all get together again soon!!!

A very eventful weekend...

So this past weekend we had some good times and some bad times...first a couple of my cute pregnant friends and I went to the baby expo, it ended up being a lot of fun (we wrote everything down in detail to go home and make ourselves!) Ya, typical Utah moms...

Trying out the baby sling - that was the biggest hit at the show

The bellies!

This was the ONE and ONLY time she sat in her eat. I cannot believe she's old enough to throw a fit and kick her legs and arch her back until she starts to fall out the bottom!
Wow what a diva.

Then we went to the Blaze game down at the Delta - oops I mean Energy Solutions Center (I don't think I'll ever get the nhang of that one!) Brooke and Jordan came along and it was pretty fun, especially the beginning when they had the players run out...there were flames that went like 50 feet into the air and crazy lights and loud music and Taryn didn't even freak out...she just watched in amazment. But the worst part of the night was losing monkitty (which we pronounce munk-itty) Ya, like usual we were in a hurry to get there on time and we parked at the Gateway so as we rushed over I threw monkitty under my arm and the next thing I knew it was gone :( I'm sure I'm the one that's the most upset over this loss, but Taryn cried the entire ride home because she had nothing to hold and cuddle to fall asleep. But the good news is my little sister Amy gave her a really cute puppy she got up in midway at the Homestead. I'm sure Taryn doesn't even know the difference. I actually found one of these Kitty's at the Ebay store online but it was $20 bucks! now we need a name for this cute little puppy...

Where's my Monkitty??? :(

Robbie found Taryn like this - she had crawled into her little saucer, what a goof!

And I just laugh everytime I look at this face...