Sunday, April 1, 2007

Good times in St.George

This past weekend the ladies traveled down to St. George for a nice relaxing getaway...and let me tell ya I looked dead sexy in a swim suit! I made sure the baby got to have some fun of her own by listening to some music...I cannot wait for her to be here and OUT of ME!


the dehart family said...

Whoo Whoo! You look fab in that suit! Great idea to go on a get away with the "Girls" you will have something to think about when you are up for those 2 AM feedings soon! Love you guys!

Scott and Natalie said...

Yeah you look great and that swim suit! No stretch marks!!! nice. It was nice to see heather's baby and she is so sweet. I am sad that I won't be home to see yours. I found out she had her baby the same day that I bought a ticket home for that wednesday. But maybe I can see your little girly the next time I am out in slc! I love you!!!!!! please keep in touch when you can ok?