Thursday, September 6, 2007

Which Way?... Mid Way!!

This Labor day weekend we spent time up in Midway like we have done for so many years. We are lucky enough to stay at the Homestead thanks to my Grandparents...we always have such a fun time walking around Swiss days, enjoying the peaceful scenery, and spending time with family. Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma McClellan! We love you!

Taryn with her Great Grandma McClellan

Here we are at Swiss Days! It was WAY TOO HOT!

Cute pumpkins! Yay for FALL!

Every girls dream who had an American Girl Doll

Ready for church

Snuggling in the baby bjorn with Aunt Amy

Go Robbie, getting pumped for a motorcycle ride

Robbie and Tay

Pretty flowers at the Homestead

My aunt Patty was nice enough to give us pedicures!

Ooh Ahh...

Munchin' on some goodies while my feet get beautified

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Scott and Natalie said...

hey it looks like so much fun! I love midway so much! swiss days are the best. I always thought scott should make wood stuff and sell it up there to the yuppie people. maybe someday. Hey it was good to see you and thanks for posting hideous pics of me on this blog. We'll visit soon!