Monday, December 10, 2007


I've been tagged be Melissa! - I have to write 7 things that most people do not know about enjoy!

1. I pop my knuckles like 100 times a day, I started this horrible habit in 5th grade and haven't been able to stop it. Usually I don't even know I'm doing it. Oh and I love to pop other peoples knuckes as well, especially Robbie's big toes. Sounds gross, but it's fun for me!

2. I still sleep with my baby blanket AKA "blanky." This weirded Robbie out the first few months we were married, but then he found out one of his friends does the same thing and he's in his thirties it's more common than he thought. I love pulling it in close to me before I fall asleep. For some reason it's always the right temperature...nice and cool if I'm feeling too hot, or warm and snuggly to wrap it around my neck. Ok, now I sound like a freak.

Taryn snuggling in my blanket!

3. I am very afraid of heights, but not just the normal fear of I can't stand to hold a kite knowing how it's so high up in the sky! Or even the thought of being inside a hot air balloon - ewe I'm getting anxiety just writing about it...or the big high balloons at the car lots! Or worse...those big lights that go across the sky at the Haunted houses at Halloween - very very scary! They just go so high!!! My mom and I have decided it's all Winnie the Pooh's fault. I would watch that movie when I was little and I think the part where he holds on to the bunch of balloons and get's carried away in the sky scarred me for life.

4. I played the violin for 8 years or so - and I wish I was better at it!!! I actually just pulled it out to see if I can still play somewhat ok and Taryn started BAWLING like it was the scariest thing she had ever seen! I did play last year in the primary program thanks to Robbie informing them I had that talent. But I really think I'm going to start taking lessons again, I really want Taryn to take piano and maybe violin, so I have to set a good example!

5. I HATE mashed potatoes, I have tried them over and over again...but they are just mushy blah to me. It's actually a rule now at my parents house that nobody can offer them sarcastically to me at Sunday dinner. That joke got old a very long time ago.

6. I basically failed my aerobics class my senior year which is very much NOT like me at all! I never got below a B on any of my report cards. The very last week of school I had the worst case of the flu and missed every class except for the ones I had finals in. Then I was checking my grades and saw that my aerobics teacher (who was also my choir teacher, the crazy Ms. Belnap) and I noticed she had an F as my final grade! So I went straight to the school to work this out and explained to her how sick I had been. She had thought I was being an anxious senior who couldn't stand to come for the last week of school - so she said she was so sorry and should have known better than to think Shawna Cox would be capable of such antics. So basically I thought it was all worked out and school ended, we had graduation, and then we were on our senior trip and I got a call from my sister Lisa who informed me that my report card came in the mail and had a big fat D in aerobics!! She offered to hide it from my parents until I got back so they wouldn't make me come home early so they could slaughter me! Anyway they found out awhile later and I explained what had happened and by then it was too late to change anything...but really it didn't effect me with college, so whatever!!!

7. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. Seriously I may have a problem. I tried to limit my self to one a day when I was pregnant, and I did pretty good, but I LOVE the stuff! There's nothing better than a big 64 oz. plastic cup from the gas station filled with pebble ice and Diet Coke - Ahh, I think I will go get one now!!!

P.S. Now I'm tagging Natalie, Mindy, Shaundee, Jamie and Sigrid!


JamieD said...

Oh the things I've learned about you! I love that you still have your blankie! I had mine (his name was Winnie) until I was 21 and pregnant with Kinley. He then got lost at a hotel we stayed in. I was so distraught about it Bryan actually called the hotel everyday for a week asking if they'd found it..they never did. He was so embarrassed to say it was his wife's so he said it was his daughters. Hold strong to that blankie Shawna, life isn't the same without them. :)

Mindy said...

Shawna, this is so cute and revealing. I never knew some of these things about you (I guess that's the purpose). I really want to know how you got all the pics to illustrate your dialog?

Siggy said...

Hello...we all know that you are addicted to Diet Coke! Ha! Your little Taryn is so sweet...we need to get together. Let's plan something after the Holiday!

Siggy said...

Go to and you can change your background. You just have to follow the instructions that it gives to you. It really is easy!

Ali Flegal said...

pretty much sleep with my blankie too. there's no shame in that.