Monday, May 4, 2009

the life of a blogger

So I'm having that common disease known as bloggers block. So ya nothin exciting here. Except we're getting ready for our Cali trip! Wa-hoo! so many pictures and fun times to tell when we get back.

I do want to try this as well.
Sure was fun reading hers! You should try it.

I just love that CJane.


Matt and Amber said...

hey shawna... when are you heading to Cali? did i tell you we are going there too? we are heading there next week... that would be crazy if we were both at Disneyland the same day! :) Have fun and can't wait to see your pictures! Taryn should have a lot of fun!!!

Shawna Wilson said...

ya we are going tomorrow (wednesday) and are staying through sunday. It's funny cause Lisa is going with Brett's family on Sunday and the day they are leaving my mom and Amy are going with all her we are all overlapping each other!