Wednesday, June 10, 2009

swim baby swim

Taryn started a little mini swim class on Monday and so far...hmmm...she's not too fond of it. I think she's mostly freaked out over the teacher. Right now she's going through some major stranger issues. The one part she loves is doing ring around the rosies, but as for everything else she has the death grip around my neck. Oh well, I'm sure the more practice she gets as the summer goes on (if the weather turns around) the more happy she'll be living the life as a fish.

Taryn and Wrigs drying off

happy times to come...


Erin said...

SO CUTE!! Taryn looks so much like you. How fun. I love your swimming suit! Happy swimming

kONniKaLITa said...

i swear the girl next to you looks just like my cousin