Wednesday, October 28, 2009

han - fri - ry?

I felt like a ravenous beast tonight as I ripped into my much anticipated bag of Chinese food. The poor guy who delivered it was tipped with a lot of quarters.

I was out of cash and I had already paid the very non-english speaking lady over the phone.

Like every other pregnant woman I have my cravings, but tonight salty noodles (that were not the ten cent kind) was all I could think about.

I had already been out on errands all evening with Taryn and since delivery was free I figured I'd hurry home and make the call. Well like I said earlier, the lady on the other end wasn't very fluent with the #1 language in this country.

She repeated the order, it sounded right enough (chow mein was said....that was good enough for me) I'm pretty sure I made it clear delivery to ME was my request, then she asked for a phone number.

"Ok, ready in 10 minutes." she replied.

"Great! Thanks!"

So I rushed Taryn into the tub, and then realized I had no cash..."hmmm, I better call back and figure that one out."

"Ming's Garden."

"Hi, I just called in an order and realized I didn't give you my address as well as a card number. I have no cash so do I need to pay over the phone?"

"Uh, ya ready in 10 minutes. You pay with card."

"I know, can I pay over the phone because I can't give your delivery man cash. Does he have a way of taking cards?"

"ya, you ok. We do that. 10 minutes?"

"Ok, uh, thanks."

25 minutes pass by...I'm freaking starving, going into nauseous hunger mode, and now annoyed that I didn't make it extremely clear I wanted D-E-L-I-V-E-R-Y!
Call again...

"Ming's Garden."

"Ya it's me, the girl that called 30 minutes ago. I'm still waiting for that food you said would be here in 10 minutes. Are they coming or what's the hold up?"

"Your food ready. Pick up."

"No, I wanted it delivered.... your website says you deliver for free, I live right up the street." (Now I'm thinking, I wish I would have put Taryn in the car and made the trip over and picked it all up myself!)

"Oh, you want delivery? Ok, what you address?"

"So NOW can I pay over the phone???"

"Ya, you give me numbers." - that part was fun. Do you usually give them your zip code in the middle of the card number and expiration date? Weird. "Ok, I deliver fo you."

minutes later.... knock knock knock

YAY! Finally...FOOD!

I sign my receipt, give the man a load of quarters, and thank him for his kind service.

Next time Ming, I'll make a stop on my way home.

Thank you...come again...ching!


Anonymous said...

Great post Shawna. That is hilarious!

Christi said...

Yummmm...I want Chinese food now.

ericksonslc said...

i love your writing! you are very entertaining! keep it up! and i want chinese food too!

Matt and Amber said...

You are so funny! I always love your stories! That makes me hungry for Chinese food too! :)