Wednesday, June 9, 2010

turning 3 - the second part I'm finally getting around to!


This was the best part of it all!!
Taryn is a little obsessed with Disney princesses. It is her dream to become one...
So what's a mom to do?
Just that!!
Let her be a full blown princess and invite all her princess friends to a very princess themed party!

- watch out... picture overload!! -

the party guests arriving...

the food.
donut holes, mini sandwiches, fruit ca-bobs, ding dong cakes, ritz crackers with cheese... and some strawberry cupcakes :)
(I may have gone a little overboard, but it was soooo cute!)

let the games begin!

make-up done by aunt amy :)

manicures given by aunt lisa :)

after the makeovers it was time to make some beautiful crowns

soon a very special guest arrived!!!

she read the girls a princessy story...
and they each got a picture taken with this lovely Cinderella.

then we had a break for a dance partay!

and what's a princess party without a scary dragon??

we of course sang happy birthday

and opened up presents

which was thanked with a hug

then it was time to take it easy while munching some popcorn to watch taryn's favorite princess show of the moment
- Enchanted -

Thank you Cinderella for making this such a special day!!

(I'll fill you in on a little secret... Cinderella is really my cute friend from high school)
You'd never know, right?!

and these just crack me up!
They decided to do their own makeup when the party was wrapping up.
lovely ladies...


Allison and Josh said...

That was the cutest party ever! I am so glad she had fun! I love Taryn and I love you!!

ericksonslc said...

Shawna You are a great Mom!! What a great party and one she will remember forever! Love all the photos! You did a great job!!

Sydney said...

What a cute party!!! I love it! Allison should do birthday parties for hire. What a darling Cinderella! You are such a cute mom.

Liz said...

What a fun birthday party Taryn will always remember! Cute pictures!