Thursday, April 21, 2011

remembering today

Today I don't care that I have a muffin top. That muffin top carried two baby girls that I love and adore.

Today I am happy to have a healthy body that can pull those girls along on a bike ride.

Today I feel blessed to see the "popcorn" trees, feel the spring breeze, and hear the birds chirpping.

Today I am letting the little things go, the fingerprints on the glass door, the spills on my kids shirts, the unwashed hair of their mother...

Today I find joy in cooking, baking, and preparing dinner for my family.

Today I am happy picking up toys, loading the dishwasher, switching out the laundry.

Today I smile while I watch my girls play and giggle together. Everyday I get to watch them grow as sisters.

Today I am feeling the spirit.
In my home, in new friends, and in my family.

Today I am living life...
and I love it.


AmberLou said...

I LOVE this post Shawna... it gave me chills! and I love you! You always seem like you have it all together and you inpire me to LOVE life like this and be better than I am today! Thank you!

AmberLou said...

i meant to write you inspire me! :)

ericksonslc said...

I love you Shawna and your darling positive attitude. You are inspiring and it reminds us to smile! Can't wait to see those girls!!

Brett and Lisa said...

heck if you have a muffin top, what do i have???? A cupcake top?

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