Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love chick-fil-a so much I am blogging about it!

Yep it is true!  I am passionate about this place.  Especially the new one located in Murray down the street from Target.   Those two places are my home away from home away from home - ya know... target/chick-fil-a... then my Mom's.... then Reno.  Home, Home, and Home.

Today just reaffirmed my love for this place.

Normally Taryn and I meet up with Kim and her kids.

Today it was just me and Tar.  We walked inside and immediately she started whining saying she wanted to hangabur (hamburger).  This was after the crying plea she gave about wanting to go to chick-fil-a!

I tried explaining to her that they only have chicken nuggets for the kids and that's why it has the name CHICK in it.  Finally she decided she'd have the chicken strips.  We all love their special dipping sauce (and when I say "all" I mean me, Taryn, my mom, Lisa, Kim, and anyone else that has ever tired it) So that's what I asked for....

Once we sat down, and had our food brought out to us, Taryn yet again started to whine saying she couldn't start eating yet.  After repeatedly asking her why she finally told me, "Because Kim isn't here yet with Ava and Gage and Vivi!"

Oh boy...

I told her they weren't coming and we hadn't called them to ask if they could come.  So I pretended to call on my phone and see if they could meet us and then told Taryn they were taking naps.

More crying came and I tried to just let her calm down on her own, then after a minute I asked if she still wanted to try her chicken strips... well, I had to break them up into nugget sizes for her to give them a chance.  She still was bummed about her friends not coming, so I told her we could go pick a new dipping sauce if she wanted, and if she turned her frown upside down she could trade her toy in for an ice cream cone.

Thankfully the drama ended and we had fun eating our yummy chicken and giggling about funny shadows we were making.

All the while, I noticed a 40 something year old guy kind of glancing our way and smiling when we went to make the sauce change...  Not in a creepy way, just a... ya I've been there kind of way.

A few minutes later he came over to our table and nervously said, I have to tell you something... I was really impressed with how well you handled your daughter when she was upset.  There are so many parents that just yell back and get extremely frustrated with their kids and it's uncomfortable to watch.  It was so nice to see you take your time and be understanding.  I can tell you are a very loving and good Mom.

Wow... made my day!
Actually I think that comment will forever make me grateful to be a Mom.  I am FAR from being perfect, and I know this whole parenting thing does not come with any kind of handbook, but to have a moment like that, it's reassuring to hear that I'm doing an ok job.

Now if you are not a chick-fil-a lover... let me give you some other reasons why you should become one.

1.  The customer service is top notch.  Seriously, they train those employees to really help the customer first and always.  Before Tenley was diagnosed and we were eating there after an afternoon at Gardner Village... I had my hands full trying to carry Tenley and our tray and making sure Taryn wasn't running out of sight.  One of the employees grabbed my tray, asked what other items I needed, got us to a table and even got the highchair!

2.  Oh, one of my favorite things... they place these plastic sticky placemats on the table for your kids to set their food on.  Genius!!  No ghetto McDonald's napkin to set fries on here!

3.  They always bring your food out to your table if it wasn't ready right when you ordered it... and then without fail they always ask if there is anything else they can get for you or help you with.

4.  The peppermint shake.  'nough said.

5.  The play area for the kids is perfect in every way.  You know they were thinking straight when they kept it a "kids only" type thing.  No tables or chairs to make the parents sit in torture to eat a meal or sip a diet coke while sniffing stinky socks and skid marks.   Nah-Uh!

6.  Plus it doesn't smell like your typical play place.  I had to go in and help Taryn get her socks on and I was thoroughly impressed.  Just enough space for some climbing, a slide, and a whole little toddler area where they won't get whacked in the head.  Oh, and it's all glass walls, so you can always keep an eye on your kids without hearing all the crazy loudness that goes on!  Love It!

7.  Today I noticed it was actually peaceful there.  The music playing throughout was just piano music.  Soft and mellow.  -  wow does that make me old?  Whatever, I'm all about peacefulness right now.

8.  Oh, and the food there is sooooo good.  Like really, I crave those chicken strips.  The fries are different, and  I like that.  For some reason the waffle shape makes them seem less greasy and more healthy?  Yes, they have healthy fries.    

9.  Another great find today.... they have someone come in and do a craft for the kids every other Thursday from 2-3!  Really?  No, Really!!!  I'm Serious!!!  This lady came up to me and said, when your daughter is done with her meal, she can come make a mini marshmallow snowman if she'd like.
At first I was thinking, is this like a birthday party and they are using my Mom's trick??  But then she said they come every other week.  Whoa!  Now I really wish Kim had been there... more time for us to be free from children!


All in all... I love chick-fil-a.  We left in good moods, spirits lifted, an ice cream cone for Taryn, a peppermint shake for me, and a snowman made out of mini marshmallows.


Pennie said...

Shawna- I love this blog! So reminded me of the fun times we had when your mom and I took you guys to Hardees. You are a great mom- you get that from your mom and I love you both!

Natalie in Sparks said...

love that place! I miss it!

Olivia said...

Oh Yeah! Chick-fil-A ROCKS! I am hoping they will be opening one here soon. I was just talking to another Mom about the wonderful place that is Chick-fil-A. This is number 3 in my list of why I miss California so much. The weather, Nordstom Rack, Chick-fil-A and 4th is my family, hehehe!