Friday, January 25, 2008

The return of the Wilson's...

So wow I feel like I've been out of the blog country or something! I do have a good excuse though...we were moving, and still haven't had our internet hooked up! Someone with the name of Robbie needs to get on that. So today I decided to upload some pictures at my parents house and catch everyone up on our life. Well, we had some "technical difficulties" and needless to say their computer ATE my pictures...full on deleted them from my camera, memory card, and everything!! AHHH I wanted to cry! Luckily most of them were saved to our own computer, but the few I've taken over the last week are all gone...adios, sianara, bye bye, GONE! I guess this will be a boring post with no pictures to view...but here's what's happened in the past month...

- Moved into our cute humble home and love it! - (besides having the washer leak, the sink leak, the dryer go out, and coming home from church to a 60 degree house because the furnace wasn't working properly) - all those things have been fixed, and for now we are A OK :)

- Shoveling snow...a lot of snow

- Taryn growing a few more teeth

- Watched the third season of LOST so we're ready fot the fourth to start next Thurday!

- Robbie growing a shag

- And the number one accomplishment this past month...Taryn SLEEPING THOUGH THE NIGHT! It's a miracle!

So later when we've got everything hooked up and working there will be pictures to enjoy, I promise!


Todd and Jenn said...

Hey Shawna, It was so fun seeing you and Taryn yesterday. Our blog is The superbowl party is in our clubhouse and everyone is going to bring finger foods if you guys want to come.

JamieD said...

Welcome back Shawna! I've missed reading about whats going on with the Wilsons! Come visit me on my blog soon!