Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Girls Night Out

There's nothing like a great girls night out! Me and my gal pals, Natalie, Amber, Kim, and Loni all got together for some dinner and then we hit the dance floor! It was so much fun to just be goofy and watch all the other people look at us like we were insane. Little did they know two out of the five were pregnant (Kim and Natalie) and all of us are mommies! I love getting together with the girls to chat, laugh, and sometimes even cry...but no matter what we always have a great time!

This was the crazy old man that goes by the name of "Gene Gene the dancing machine." He was nuts, but he made for a good laugh...

Natalie showin' off her moves



Siggy said...

Oh my! That gene guy...I have seen him at the Skybox. He is hilarious. I wanna see pics of your house! Oh and your friend Katie and her husband moved into my parents ward...crazy! I love pics of your sweet!

Anonymous said...

I wish I were there. We need to hang out!