Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love having a girl!

I loved dressing up my American Girl doll when I was little and now I love having my very own real baby girl to dress up in so many cute things! How cute is she in her baby blue easter dress?!

Sorry your head got chopped off Robbie!

Aunt Lisa and Amy fight over who gets to hold Taryn first...

Always scoochin' around

Her new favorite game - getting dragged in circles on the carpet

Skinny minnie...I love the bloomers!


Stacy Hoyt said...

Taryn is AdoRabLe! And you are such a cute mom! Which American girl doll did you have?

Shanny said...

I love that her dress matched her eyes. Always thinking of the accessories.

Lindsey said...

love the dress! Little girls really are so fun! I love your new background too!

Mindy said...

It's not your fault Robby is so tall! The most important part of the pic is Taryn and her adorable dress!
You really need to teach me how to do the background swith! After hours of trying to figure one out for my blog...I was left with disappointing white!

Stacy Hoyt said...

I had Samantha, too! How fun!