Monday, March 3, 2008

Wrigley Patrick Ross

The arrival of Wrigley finally came! March 2nd 8:22 p.m. at a whopping 7 pounds 7 ounces, 20 and a half inches long. He is so adorable and I am excited to finally be an aunt! (Taryn is also happy to have a cousin!)
My cute sister-in-law Carrie - way to go Mommy!!!

The so called "favorite" aunt Brooke

What a sweetie!!


The Brady's said...

"So called favorite aunt?"....oh i am the favorite! Haha...jk

Nordhoff Family said...


We joined the blog world! Find is at We miss you guys like crazy!!! How is the new house?
Love- Bry and Britt

Lindsey said...

I figured out how to change my background through It's a little complicated, but once you figure out what's going on, it's not too bad. Good luck! I'm going to put you guys on my list as well. We should get Taryn and Caylin together again - I think they would have a blast!

Mindy said...

Who looks that good right after having a baby? He is so handsome!
It will be fun for Taryn to grow up with a cousin about her age.