Friday, December 26, 2008

December in a Nutshell

I've been slacking on Christmas blogging.
So here's a jumble of stuff....

Playing a lot at Grandma's house. Especially with the Nutcracker book.

Seeing Santa (which did not go over well!)
I'm still trying to figure out how to scan the classic picture of her screaming on his lap

Finally getting the curly hair figured out

Playing with cousin's at the Hoyt family party.

These cuties are only 2 weeks apart - and Taryn is the older one!

So excited to see cousin Wyatt and his parents!

The talent show, Taryn did itsy bitsy spider.

The little ones frosting cookies.

The Sunday before Christmas. Taryn was priceless in her fancy dress, shoes, bow and hair ;)

Our annual girls party with dinner and white elephant gifts. This year I was in charge.

Skiing on Christmas Eve.

It was just a little bit cold.

And I guess I won't be a scrooge......I'll post Christmas day separately, cause you know there are plenty of pictures there. ;)

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Lizzy said...

I love Taryn's curly hair! She looks so cute. Your hair looks cute curly, too, by the way.