Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's been goin on...

UPDATE: I saw this picture on Lindsey's blog and thought it was cute, check out these gals holding hands. Plus this is the only picture of Taryn from St. George...sorry Tar mommy was a little slow on that one.

Ya ya I know I'm slacking... here's what we've been up to lately.

Taryn and I headed down to St. George with the girlies. It started off driving through a blizzard, but the rest of the weekend we had clear blue skies with a little chill in the air (nothing compared to the chill in SL.) Amy brought 5 of her friends and wow, 14 year olds never change. It was like going back in a time machine for me. Lisa may say otherwise, she was much more "mature" back then. But I can recall some pretty silly moments she and Andrea went through. Taryn was captivated by Nemo and his pals 80% of the time we were there. The other 20% was signing along to baby signing time. We are all very skilled in signing now. Especially things like "ride bike's to grandma's while drinking juice and bathing bears." Or, " sleepy frogs eat crackers and fly airplane dolls." Yes, very informative. I was slacking (again) in the picture taking department. I don't know what the dealio was, but I just wasn't feelin it. Maybe we were too entertained in the moment rather than capturing that moment. So here's the few we did capture...

This is what kept us busy waiting for our table at pizza factory.

super cheezy smiles

fake boring smiles

mad, confused, angry faces

Pulling our ugly faces

Ahhh, happy cute smiles

Amy and her buds.

Lisa trying to blend in with the polygamists...sweet bun.

The crew, minus me, Taryn and my mom.
Taryn was busy at the house trying to "unplug."
A long drive can really mess up a toddlers bowels.


Lizzy said...

Oh, I love the pizza factory. Their bread sticks are the best!

Anonymous said...

wow you girls are such gomers. Amazing! How did I get stuck in this?