Friday, February 27, 2009

lego girl

Oh man what have I done? I decided it was time for Taryn to get another trim so we headed over to the salon. I sat her on the counter, got out my shears and spray bottle and spritzed her down. I was so surprised to see how fast her hair has grown since I cut it last (which was only 2 months ago) and it was already back to that long mullet-y length.

Anyway, I start trimming and all goes well...then I made the quick decision to trim her bangs that had become long and "stringy' looking.

Not a good idea!

Because there are weird random spots by her temples where the hair is still sparse, it now looks like I purposely cut short goofy bangs that go all the way past her temples! ahhh.... this is a crisis!

Everyone has said, "ah it looks's cute." Well, you are not her mother who is a hairstylist and has waited 20 months to have hair for this child! Then yesterday my little sister made the comment saying, "ha, it's like lego hair!"


ok, the good side is her bangs are still long enough to clip back. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will have grown out enough for me to not look at and and cringe, then laugh, then immediately think of this...

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ericksonslc said...

it really does look fine. she couldn't look like a lego head even on her very worst days(as if she would have any of those) she is perfect!