Wednesday, October 7, 2009

missionary packages

whoa whoa whoa hold the phone.... 2 posts in one day?

I know, not really like me lately, but this had to be shared...asap!!

This past Saturday I was working at the salon doing one of my favorite neighbor's hair and she tells me about this Men's Wearhouse commercial she saw and swore Robbie was in it. I told her it could have been his brother because he, of course, looks similar to Robbie and has done some modeling. Plus it's something random he would go for...

Anyway...flash forward to tonight. I'm watching my DVR'd SYTYCD and as I'm clicking the 30 second skip ahead button it happens to land on this for a brief 2 seconds

Uh hello... isn't that my husband!?!

So I backup and actually watch the commercial and then totally freak out and yell for Robbie to watch it. Normally he disagrees with me on his
but this one is a dead ringer!!

I found the commercial on youtube... have a look for yourself.

I think he's been doing some male modeling behind my back...

merman! MERMAN!!!


Jeanette said...

oh my gosh, it totally does look like him! Crazy, you have a famouse almost husband! So cool, so cool

Magdalena said...

You're back, yay!

ericksonslc said...

i have also seen that commercial and i have done a double take. it looks exactly like robbie. pretty fun you married a model!!

brooklyn Norton said...

ahahaha ya it totally looks like him