Wednesday, December 2, 2009

some kind of normal

After some much needed blog stlalking, I decided mine needed an update.

The normal kind...

So here's some mommy blog pics and the usual stuff us moms post... in a nutshell.

Halloween did happen.

It included a neighborhood trunk or treat. My first one eva. I didn't know how decked out everyone treated their trunks, so I guess I went obverboard? Oh well, I got lots of compliments!

p.s. - all pics are from my iphone, not too sharp, but is better than nothing!

We did the pumpkin patch thing....

My high school buds did our traditional halloween partay get-togetha.

Don't know why I decided to stick my prego gut out, I wasn't really even showing yet...weird.

I was a witch and Robbie was a nerd.

Taryn was an extremely cute witch for Halloween. I even made some of her costume (only the parts that needed a hot glue gun and tying) I loved her costume and I think the trunk or treat we went to at Dan's grocery store was the one and only time she wore the entire ensemble.
I had to tell her she was a "princess witch" to get that to work. Even then I got lucky.

This picture was right in the middle of all these Halloween ones. I can't not post it. The last home game I went to for Oly football. My Dad was holding Taryn while I tried to get a cute shot of her in her new hat and gloves I had just bought for that evening.
I want those big hairy calloused hands back...

I can see him perfectly through this picture, it makes my heart hurt.

Ok...I was going to stick to normal. But it's hard... I don't feel normal.

Let's see what happened next. Oh ya, November happened and it felt like everyday was 10 days, but at the same time looking back it's all a blur.

Then we did Thanksgiving and though I feel blessed with love, peace, the gospel, the atonement and so many other "eternal perspective" things. I also feel sadness and would give every "earthly" blessing to have my Dad back here as my Dad, the man who can never be replaced.

So.... now we are onto December. I really do LOVE Christmas time. I am celebrating, and so is my family. I decorated the house and made it cheery and bright. I added a few more things to make me smile. Amy Grant sings in the background and makes me think of Christmas's past.

Month by month, Week by week, Day by day... hour by hour I know the Savior will lead me through and continue to bear this burden that sometimes overwhelms me.

This month I will think of Him fondly, with new eyes, and celebrate His birth.


Ali said...

Oh Shawna,

You and your family were definitely in my thoughts over Thanksgiving. The prayers that your burden may be eased continue. I'm so sorry for your loss of your amazing Dad.

As for my "normal mom blog" comment:
Your witch costume rocked, your husband looked like my husband does on a regular day ;) and Taryn's costume was indeed Adorable... I still have never done a trunk or treat. It's good to know that you need to have it decorated!

Devrie Pettit said...

Wow Shawna- You are the AMAZING mom! I guess all you can do is try to be normal and you are doing a very good job. We think of you guys daily. May you continue to heal. Taryn is the most adorable little girl. She looked so cute in her costume. And don't even look like a pregnant girl. I am starting to show in my face! Awesome. Well, glad to see an updated blog post. Take Care.

Allison and Josh said...

Shawna, I love you and I think about you and your family all the time! You are all still in my prayers.

I loved all your cute pictures of Taryn! She is an absolute doll and I can't wait to meet baby girl number 2 this Spring!!

Katherine said...

I can't believe how big Taryn is, and her hair is so long! Love the costume too.

Hang in there, it takes a long time to feel ok, and that's the way it's supposed to be. It's ok to take your time.

Nordhoff Family said...

I am crying right now Shauna...seriously I am thinking about you so much. All my love!!!

ericksonslc said...

I am crying as I read your beautiful post! I want him back too. I want him at every event in your life and your families life. This is so hard sometimes to bear. I love you and your amazing little family! I love your sweet little girl and how she brings joy into every room! I love how you can smile even when you are at your breaking point! I love you!

The Olsons said...

We are still praying for you all! God bless!

pennie said...

Yea! Another Girl!!!!! We love girls! (You can never have too much pink!)
I miss your dad also... I believe he's up in heaven holding your new little girl right now.( I think he wants you to name her 'Pennie' just sayin'....)
Hey, does your husband do modeling in his 'other life'? I swear I saw him on the TV sportin' a handsome suit.
I know it's not him, but it reminded me of how cute he is!
Give everyone my love, and know that you guys are on my mind all the time! I am so sad, and my heart hurts. I love you all! xox

Magdalena said...

Such a great post Shawna. This time is so difficult and yet you seem so inspired at the same time, such a strong little lady. I'm excited to see you tomorrow.

Cathy said...

Oh, Shawna, you are beautiful inside and out. I love your posts. Whenever I hear Amy Grant's Christmas songs I always think of your Mom!