Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas treated us well

I think I was on the nice list this year because I was spoiled :)

So was Taryn. Christmas eve I slept a wink and finally got up at a quarter to six to get my own self ready and take many glances at the pile of presents gleaming in the low light of the Christmas tree.

So so magical...

Robbie and I had stayed up til one setting up Taryn's new baby doll set of necessities. I thought with baby sister coming, she would love to take care of her own. More like her own 4. For each piece of the set, there is a baby making good use of it.

When I finally convinced Robbie of waking her up at 7:15, she knew right away who had come by when I said...Guess who came!!

"Santa Claus! He so nice mommy, he bring toys!" Thank you ho ho..."

Actually she really could care less about St. Nick. Every time he was around this season she got the shakes and wanted to go in "the other room." But then again, when he's not visibly seen, she thinks he's alright.

I got a camera (It's turning into a tradition, by the time Christmas rolls around mine is out of service...I guess I just make good use of it all year long) For Robbie's sake, let's hope this one lasts a bit longer.

I also received many other goodies from my list of wants. I surprised Robbie with a new coat. Why does that man have to have such long arms!! At my parents house we were surprised with a kitchen aid mixer! Yay, I've been wanting one for quite some time. Taryn got her wish of Princess Barbies. I think that was the first gift she opened there, after that she wasn't interested in much else.

Grandma go-go gave her a mini vanity to help keep her beautified. Another successful gift.

Then there have been the dress ups... oh man, she would LIVE in the shoes, crowns, skirts, anything that is princess-like. She was spoiled with the shoes (she usually makes anyone with heels take them off so she can dance around in them) I guess they all decided it was time she had her own.

So the last few days have looked like this...

such the girly girl.

Overall Christmas was wonderful. In many ways it felt the same, yet in the back of our minds we all felt the emptiness of my Dad sitting in the corner enjoying the sight of his children getting too much. Always the one with the garbage sack to collect the unwanted wrapping paper. He and my brother are always the same with the way they open gifts. They wait. They are handed ones with their names, yet they don't fret to open them in a hurry. Then they each have a big pile of un-opened presents at the end.

Silly boys.

Like my mom said on her facebook status the day after Christmas...



ericksonslc said...

I love you cutie! It was fun to watch Taryn enjoy her high heels. What 2 year old can walk and jump and dance in high heels? Oh wait she is your daughter.

Magdalena said...

Oh how I wish my child would be more girly, instead we play with toy frogs and rubber snakes. Taryn looks super cute.