Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tenley Jane Wilson

Ok, I know you all are dying to hear how baby Tenley made her entrance Monday morning....
I know I'm a sucker for a good birthing story. TMI and all!!!

So obviously I was a little anxious this past Sunday evening. After being sent home twice I was not about to jaunt into IMC just to be turned away. I had been having minor contractions since relief society (about 3pm) and they were pretty regular... but I kept on chugging as though life were normal. (because at this point that was normal) We stayed home for dinner, I was about to hit the sack early, but then had a sudden urge to clean. clean clean clean. I folded all the laundry and put it away. I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen sink. I swept. I vacuumed. I even vacuumed the baseboards!

Robbie was like... what the what? I thought you were tired?

nope. If these contractions keep coming I'm just going to clean through them until they leave. Which they did so I finally hit the sack at about 11:30

Fast forward to 3 am

That was the sound I heard/felt towards the top of my big belly. I yelled OUCH even though it didn't hurt. I started to yell at Robbie, "what the heck was that!?! Seriously did my water break? Can it break up high?" It was almost like an elastic band held at it 's breaking point and finally giving in. Weirdness.

About 20 minutes later I was noticing the contractions were back, but this time they had a friend with them named cramps. Mega cramps... the kind I know oh so well. They usually visit me every 28 days at 4 am on the dot.

Still I ignore them. It's nothing... I've already had the crampy contractions and they mean nothing. They come again... and again... and again until I start timing them. every 8 minutes. I decide I can't stay laying in bed because they are giving me a crazy/hurty/nervous/wait it out/but what if it's real feeling?

I tell Robbie I'm going out to the couch to watch some tv. By this time it's about 4:15

Whoa they got a heckofalot worse just from walking around. YIKES... this time when they hit I fall to the ground and tell Robbie to get his butt out here.

"ok this is real... I don't care... we are going in!!"

I called the on-call doc, told him about our past and said, "should I come in if I'm like dying in pain laying on the floor hitting things?"

He said yes.

Called my mom. No answer.

Called my sis (who btw was planning on being there for the birth and it just happened to be her birthday so her sweet hubby took her up to Logan to spend the night at Anniversary inn... I guess he's too good for the one downtown? - whatev brett...) She asked if they should leave and I said you better wait until they check things out, then I'll let ya know if this is real.

Called mom again. No answer.

Text sister... "why isn't mom answering the phone!!!"

Mom calls.

me: "pretty sure I'm in labor. The on-call doc said to come in... I'm dying... oh I'm dying!!!"

mom: "eee... (excited sound) yay the baby is coming!"

me: "uuuugggghhhhh I'm having another one! get someone to come over...!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh"

mom: "ok ok I'll call Emily (cousin of mine)"

In the meantime I'm telling Robbie to get our shiz together and put it in the car...
Oh wait, I grab my toothbrush and make-up... the only items I didn't have packed.

Lay on the floor... hit the flooor... kick my legs... "OWE OWE OWE!!!! Ok Robbie these are bad... Like REALLY BAD!!!"

I'm freaking out at this point because they are every 2 minutes... I see a text from my sister.

"we are on our way."

mom shows up. I'm having a big contraction...

mom: "well go. go get in the car. go!"

me: "I can't right now mom!!! I'm having a major contraction and I can't MOVE!.... Freak oh freak!!!"

mom: "ok ok sorry... (scared face)"

We finally get out the door. I didn't grab a jacket. I'm cold but whatever... let's just GO!

I tell Robbie to drive fast... I start freaking out because now I don't have a floor to crawl and lay down on and hit and scream into.... so I roll down the window and yell out it like a crazy lady...


Robbie looks at me like I'm psycho. Which at this point I am. Actually I'm past psycho.
I think he hit 2 red lights and I was about to kill him for stopping...

We finally get there.
They know it's me...
"We've been waiting for you! We're all ready in room one!"

ok ok ... I make it to room one. They give me the gown. I go in the bathroom to change. Yell for Robbie cause the dang thing isn't snapped up. It just looks like a big blanket with snaps everywhere. Ahhhh... I hunch on the bathroom floor while Robbie tries to do the snap puzzle. Then I notice he's holding it over the toilet and the bottom part is soaked in toilet water... but I don't even care cause I'm thinking I better get out there, even if I'm naked cause I need that epideral like N.O.W.!

I get out there - not naked - but practically. The nurse helps me breath through these mongrel contractions.
She checks me.

me: "I better be more than a 3!"

nurse: "oh, ya. Honey you're a good 7."

me: "oh man, I can still have an epidural right?? RIGHT!!!"

no answer...

I feel like it's been three hours... I'm clutching Robbie's hand and every time I feel a contraction coming I look at him and say, "are you ready... oh here comes another one... ahh ahh here it comes!!"

The nurse tells me to breathe in and push the bad air out... bad air out... bad air out... and I am breaking Robbie's hand at the same time.

Finally the anesthesiologist god arrives with his big needle. He gets me prepped. Inserts heaven's nectar and about 1 minute later I'm feeling the buzz. In my legs. Oh sweet nectar how I love you. I told that doctor I loved him too.

Calmness and very very numb legs arrive.

Lisa and Brett are still far away. My mom and aunt come. My grandma went to our house to stay with Taryn. By this point it's about 5:30ish. I'm fully dialted and my doctor comes in the door.

doc: "You are ready to push..."

me: "but Lisa isn't here yet! My water hasn't even broke yet."

They are in Ogden. Doc says we can wait a little longer.

I chill....
Taylor and Amy come in...
now I'm all shaky with the chills from the epidural, but it's all good. No more insane contractions taking over.

My aunt makes sure I get some warm blankets and they make the shakes calm down.

Lisa comes running in.
It's time!!

I start pushing but it feels super weird because I seriously am looking at those legs wondering if they really are mine. I feel nothing. nada. zip. With Taryn I remember feeling the urge to push and feeling more "tingly"

After the very first push Robbie says, "she has lots of hair!"

What she's already there?!

Second push turns into a really long one and Lisa says don't stop... keep pushing! She's right there...

I ask if she's out and no one answers....

one more big fat push (I think that's what I've been doing anyway... I can't really tell)

she's out!!

I guess between the 2nd and 3rd one there was a little scare. The cord came out first which then wrapped itself around her neck and the doc said if I hadn't pushed long enough on that last one....

and that's all he said, followed by a look of eyebrows raised, head tilted, and frowny mouth.

but she made it out and all was well!

March 22, 2010

at 6:44 to be exact.

7 lbs 14 oz 21 in

This daddy is the best

our "silly" faces

I love my girls!!


Jen and Jared said...

LOL! I totally remember doing the same thing when my labor hit. I screamed like a mad woman...Poor men, they have NO idea! I'm glad you got the "nectar"...I can't imagine going natural. I absolutely love her name and her pretty red lips! Congrats!

Jess2Impress said...

What a great birth story, thanks for sharing! Love the pics... Your older daughter looks just like you and the new baby is ADORABLE!!!

Lindsey said...

Congrats again Shawna! You are hilarious and I'm glad it all turned out and Lisa made it on time. She is beautiful and looks just like Taryn! Good luck settling in with two girls now!

- said...

oooooooo my heck I am in love with this babys face, it is sooo cute!
SUCH a Cox baby, again.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your long birthing story! I am glad that it is over so now you have 2 beautiful girls! :)

I love you!

Love, Aunt Liz

Nordhoff Family said...

Yeah! Congrats. Love the details and love the name. She is so stinkin' cute.

ericksonslc said...

Fantastic Post!! Loved it and I loved being there with you! You are beautiful and your girls are little angels! I can't get enough of Tenley's wonderful smell!

Magdalena said...

Congratulations! It's so nice to know bunny and monkitty are somewhere together :) Your little ones are darling and it looks like taryn loooves her baby sister. I think this wee litttle one looks just like her daddy, but only time will tell. Seriously so fun, congrats again!

Devrie Pettit said...

Oh my goodness, that is one of the best birth stories EVER. I am balling and also EXTREMELY nervous now. Pain is not my friend. I don't even really know what a REAL contraction feels like because I was induced with Braylon and immediately given an epidural. You are super woman!! Both girls are darling, congrats.

Abe and Lisa said...

That story is amazing! Loved reading your experience of bringing Tenley into this world!! Love you lots lady and your new one already!

Drea said...

I for sure recognize your mom's window painting talent. Congratulations!!! Have you gotten the baby quilt in the mail yet? It is so cute! I can't wait for you to see it!!!

Carrie Ross said...

I am so excited that she is here! You guys make the most BEAUTIFUL girls ever! I can't believe how fast it all happened!

I'm coming over on thursday with some freezer meals for you so makes some space!

Cathy said...

Congratulations, she is beautiful!!

Ali said...

So well written Shawna, I was captivated. She's such a gem. I'm so happy for you :)

Paige Hanks said...

She's gorgeous! Congratulations!

Taryn and the boys said...

she is gorgeous! love the name!

Em said...

Shawna, I was laughing so hard at the, "HOLYFREAKINGCRAP.." out the window part. That is totally going to be me, except, I will probably be saying the real thing!

Your girls are gorgeous!

Shawna Wilson said...

haha... well I did say a few more choice words I didn't mention here. I mean c'mon, I think we should get a break for being put through that kind of pain! And Devrie...I totally had it easy with Taryn. I was also induced and as soon as they got me hooked up they offered me the epidural. I never ever even felt a real contraction with her. It was easy breezy! Now I know what the real thing is like and I don't know WHO in their right mind would choose to go without one!!

Ryan and Tori said...

Love the labor story-- don't know if you looked back far enough on my blog to see mine with Della, but I know exactly what you were going through, 'cause I was a 7 when they first checked me. Can you believe how bad those hurt!!! I was worried about having time for an epidural too, and was so grateful I got one in time! Best drug ever!! Your girls are seriously so cute! I'm glad we can now stay updated through our blogs :)

Malia said...

OH you make me lAUGH!!! I know I, ME, I think your are silly!!! I am glad everything went ok for you and tenley (LOVE!) and I know what you mean by epidural god! I told him I loved him too!

p.s. don't sell yourself so short woman! YOu rock!