Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's late... but I wanted to brag

It's 11:38 and I just checked on both my sleeping girls.
Is it weird that I love their different scents.
I wish I could bottle them both.
It gives me warm fuzzies inside.

Now, for your viewing pleasure here is some of the magnificent work of Jeanette. Ya... I am in love with these pictures. In loooooove!

I love Robbie's big gigantic smile
I love Taryn's bouncy curls
I love Tenley's polka dot thighs
I love that my hair is growing! Growing LONG!
I love our colors, which I actually planned out every single piece of clothing...
I love Taryn's shy smile
I love Tenley's laughing grins
I love that when I look through these I get teary eyed
I. Love. My. Family.


Allison and Josh said...

Wow! Cutest family ever!! Those pictures are to die for!

Jeanette said...

I'm so glad you like them! The last one is my favorite... it's totally your family! I love that Tenly is looking at... something?? Whatever it is she is so happy about it! Your fabulous, and I LOVE mine and Lucy's hair! Thank you!

ericksonslc said...

Beautiful! I love them all and I love Jeanette! She did a fabulous job on Emily's Engagements! What a find she is! Your family is gorgeous!

Magdalena said...

You are milfy hotness in these Shawna, no joke!

SJ said...

Shawna, your family is so beautiful! I hope that you are doing well.