Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm married to an old man ;)

The Robster turned THIRTY!
Ya... I can't believe it.

I wanted to do something fun for his birthday so I invited some of our buddies to join us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We all kept it a surprise and luckily it stayed a surprise!
He had no idea :)

arriving to the scene

as you can see, he is shocked... haha

birthday boy ridin like a cowboy

Our group of friends!
(Tebbs, Perkins, and Healeys)

(Gillens, Bulls, Brian and his boys)

(Us, Rydmans, and Schraders)

Sunday morning was his actual birthday. The girls and I made birthday cards and chocolate covered strawberries (Robbie has quite the sweet tooth) then we set up his birthday presents and woke him up!

I love my old man ;)

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Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

I can't believe my brother is 30!!! Wow!! I'm glad the party turned out good!