Sunday, May 15, 2011

Visiting Utah - Perkins Style

Our visit to Utah of course was to visit family... but we could never show up without some plans arranged with the Perkins.

Oh how we miss you everyday....
ok... I can't say any more on the matter or else I will be in a flood of tears.

Here are some of our favorite spots where we met up to play.

Gardner Village
It was our first sunny day there and we lived it up.

It started off with a long walk on jordan parkway, follwed by some yummy lunch here and cookies that we did not want to share with the children. After that we did some duck watching...

Wheeler farm
Sunny day, but chilllllly. The kids didn't care though, and neither did the animals :)

my favorite cowboy....

seriously... I love this kid, mood swings and all.

This will be going on their wedding video in 20 years

best buddies 4-eva!

my other half

we felt sorry for this cow and her engorged looking udders

giving Tenley some love

We met up at some other fun places too... including our half way meeting point at McDonalds.
Our other favorite meeting spot is Target. Going there without these peeps is never the same.
Until next time Perkins....


I just realized I may have deleted the greatest videos of all time :( I was planning to post them at the end here cause they are hilarious... imagine these kids having their own conversation with a sheep and another one of them pestering a really testy rooster! Not to mention the best laugh you'd ever hear in your life... Kim's got a great one :)


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