Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Questionaire

Taryn brought home a mothers day game from sunbeams.

It came with a bag of m&m's, and for each color was a question you would ask each other...
Her answers were awesome...

1. What is one of your favorite things to do with me?
Taryn's answer: HUG

2. Where would you want to go anywhere in the world with me and why?
Taryn's answer: on a trip... on the mickey boat.

3. What do you see us doing in ten years?
Taryn's answer: playing with chalk

4. Name three reasons why you love me
Taryn's answer: you share with me, you make me dinner, and you be nice to me

5. Ask me any question you like!
Taryn's response: Did you and Daddy ride in a carriage at the temple when you got married?
(Robbie was explaining to her that today is our anniversary)

6. Hum a tune and see if I can guess it...
Taryn's response: She hummed the same note and I guessed I am a child of God.

Right now she is standing on a chair at the sink "doing the dishwasher" in her sleeping beauty dress. What a great helper on Mother's Day! I love this girl and I am so grateful to be her mom. Even though there are times I want to shut myself in in my room and escape the chaos of mommy life, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
These girls are my everything.

I love you sweet booga babies!! Thank you for always loving me.

oh and check out my hairdo... I wanted to try something new and I saw this on a blog I regularly stalk...and gave it a try

whatdaya think?

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Lindz said...

You hair is to die for! I wish I was as sassy as you! Sure do miss seeing you guys!