Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 children + 4 mothers + vegas = a lot of craziness

So my favorite gals were heading to catch the sun in Vegas and I did not want to miss out.

Usually when we head to Vegas or anywhere else with overnight stays we do it to relax, laugh, and lay out by the pool all day long....

This time we brought all the kids along.
There was little relaxation, some nervous laughter, and not a whole lot of laying out. We did have fa good time, and the kids were in heaven. Especially the first night there... we let them all crash and have a big sleep over on the living room floor.

We decided that was a bad idea the next morning when they were all up and playing at 5:30 am....

I'm sure anyone who saw us as we hit Town Square one night with Natalie's husband James in tow, thought we were a polygamist family out having an adventure.

We managed to have fun, but I'm sure we won't be doing another trip like this anytime soon! :)

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