Thursday, June 2, 2011

the perfect hike

Memorial day was hard on me... just knowing most people were spending the holiday with their families and doing BBQ's made me really miss home. I also knew my family would be visiting my Dad's grave, and that in turn made me miss my Dad. I wanted to make the most of our day though, so we ventured out and my prayers to turn my frown upside down were answered :)

We found the perfect hiking trail in Galena. Short, simple, and beautiful views of the valley.

Saw a couple of these guys along the trial

Check out the beautiful view!

Thankfully I always have this guy to help cheer me up!

I was also thrilled when our friends called and invited us to their family BBQ! The Cottrell's have seriously been such awesome friends! I don't know how I'd be surviving life here without Kaymee as my go-to gal pal!! Shout out to ya girl!

and the ride home was filled with the competitive yelling from these two....

Tenley usually wins

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ericksonslc said...

I can't take it! I need to squeeze that baby already! The video about did me in! I love you guys and miss those kids so much!!