Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camp Hobe and H2O

Earlier last week Taryn was lucky enough to go to Camp Hobe.  It is a camp for kids and teens who either have cancer or have gone though cancer, as well as their siblings. 

They really have it all figured out there... a lot of the counselors are nurses from ICS who volunteer to help.  Leaving Taryn there for 6 hours each day made me a bit nervous, but it would be really nerve wracking to leave your child who either has a central line or is on treatment.  It all made sense once I saw those familiar faces!  The volunteers and counselors make every child feel so special and welcomed.  The kids never want to leave!

Taryn did the day camp on Monday and Tuesday.... and by Tuesday she was ready to pack her pillow to spend the night!
I'm thinking next year I won't be able to convince her she's too little and she will end up doing the week long camp... which every parent says their kids are on cloud nine when they pick them up.

Taryn trying to ignore me when I came to pick her up - the girls after eating popcicles

Taryn with my cancer mom friends children.

Taryn and of the many buddies she became friends with

Tenley was too young this year, but might be able to do the day camp next year with special permission.  She was having fun running around the dirt trails when we picked Taryn up.  I was bummed because I didn't jump on the opportunity to spend the night at a nearby hotel with all the other cancer moms who I have come to love and adore.  They are a special group of ladies who always have a listening ear, and just "get it."  Next year I'll for sure plan on joining them!

In th meantime while Taryn was having a blast, Tenley was having some pretty nasty diarrhea.  Poor thing had been having it all weekend, and it was still a problem on Monday and Tuesday.  Monday we spent the day at the park with all the other cancer moms and Tenley ran around for a good two hours straight.  It was over 90 degrees out, and I could not get her to drink very much, and sh did not eat anything at all. - which for Tenley is not normal. 

By Wednesday she woke up throwing up and was hardly moving around.  She layed in bed with me all morning and I was so beyond worried about her.  It's hard to go from cancer world to normal world when these kids get sick.  I wanted to know what was wrong, but at the same time I didn't.  One thing was for sure though, it was obvious she did not feel good. 
I took her into our pediatrician and he gave her a normal look over.  He is always so kind with his words and makes sure I understand everything he explains.  The conclusion was she was dehydrated.  After the diarrhea and vomiting, and the day in the sun, she was needing fluids pretty badly.  He had me go home and sit with her while she drank gatorade.  I was going to have to try and get at least 24 ounces in her before the end of the day.  I'm certain we didn't make that goal...

Next day, she woke up in a better mood, but as the day went on she got more tired and just wanted to be held.  Again, another scary sign for me knowing that was one of her symptoms before being diagnosed with Leukemia.  I was a wreck about her that evening... worrying about my instincts, not knowing if I should just give it some time for her to bounce back, or if I needed to rush her to the ER for an IV.

Friday came and I had decided enough was enough... I was going to take her in and get an IV.  She was still acting whiny and tired, and had no appetite.  I couldn't wait any longer.  After her nap, my mom and I took her and got right in.  I think of hospital visits so differently now.  Some might complain about an ER visit and the wait that usually comes along with it... but getting in and out of there in 2 hours was major speedy to me.  Of course as soon as we arrived she was all about eating the bag of goldfish crackers I had in my purse... the ones I had been trying to get her to eat ALL DAY!  And she was more than happy to take sips of apple juice.  Little stinker.

The nurses were so friendly, as always, and I'm sure after examining her could tell she really was just fine... but they took my concerns to heart and went ahead with a litte blood draw followed by an IV of fluid. 

She just lets the nurses do their jobs!

check out all that georgous blonde hair!

K, seriously... Tenley is a total champ.  My mom stepped out of the room worried about seeing Tenley upset when they poked her and got her hand ready.  Tenley didn't flinch, cry, or even blink when they did it.  It was like la-di-da... just a normal day.  Then after 30 minutes of getting that good juice flowing, and a thumbs up on the blood work, we were on our way! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... huge sigh of relief!  I can't even begin to describe the worry this gal gives me when she isn't acting 100%.  I wish so bad I could just think of her as a normal little two year old who of course is going to get sick and have a bug or two go through her system.  I know it's going to take time... and quite a bit of it for me to get past those feelings. 
But I'm happy to say she is most definitely back to 100%
Our summer days are back to running, playing, and swimming... and I'm making sure it's filled wlots of water drinking as well.

 Oh... and here are the twins.  30 weeks! 
The countdown is on!


Sally said...

I'm sure everyone will agree with me that you look so great! Seriously. And miss Tenley is looking so sweet with that blonde hair coming in! I'm glad to hear she is feeling better and hope she stays that way!

Emi said...

how sweet is she?? i have a friend who used to work at this camp, so i'm glad to see it was good for you guys! love your blog and am so inspired by your positivity..newest follower! Xo

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