Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our next chapter

Wow we have come a long way. 
This summer is flying by, and even though we are still going through trials, I am grateful every single day that Tenley is healthy and continuing to stay that way. 
Whenever I find myself looking through pictures or reading old blog entires, I can't believe we actually went through all of that. 

Tenley is an amazing fighter.  She still is.  Normal things that should make every child upset do not seem to phase her.

Like slivers for example. 

She always has one or more on her little hands from our back deck.  I didn't even realize that's what they were because she never complained about them.  Taryn on the other hand can't handle the pain of one!  (and neither can I for that matter) 
It makes me sad to think maybe Tenley is just so used to pain she thinks it's a normal part of everyday life.  I guess going through cancer will do that to ya.   

We have done quite a bit this summer....

We ventured to Disneyland and it was such an amazing fun wonderful trip.
We celebrated Taryn's 5th birthday and I have to say her party was a blast.
We've been swimming, eating popcicles, playing at parks, and enjoying new splash pads.
We have all marveled at the rapid growing rate of my pregnant belly.
but really...
We usually spend our days from dawn to dusk in our backyard.

And the best part of this summer for me... We have settled back into a normal routine of life that I so desperately wanted and yearned for.  My family of four is all under the same roof with my role as mother and wife.  I truly find joy in wiping away crumbs from the kitchen counter after little mouths have been fed.  Picking up shoes and toys and crayons and lipglosses that my girls are always leaving trails of.  Nightly routines with bathtime, picking out pajamas, climbing onto Daddy's lap (not me, the girlies) and reading a bedtime story, then reading scriptures and having family prayer.  Rocking Tenley and holding her close.  Robbie tossing Taryn into bed. Giving goodnight kisses and telling my girls I love them sooooo much and to have good dreams.

That has been the best part of summer so far.


Kiersten said...

Love your post. Your summer sounds so sweet and yummy.

ericksonslc said...

Love this post!!! And love your family and all you have made it through!!!