Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm playing too!

Mags posted this and I'm going to copy, I thought it was a fun one!

I am... generally a happy person.

I think... eating chocolate is the best thing ever.

I know... that my Heavenly Father loves me.

I want... to be a good mother.

I wish... money grew on trees.

I hate... when I open a cup of yogurt and it squirts on me.

I miss... my little honda accord. It was a good car - thanks Dad.

I fear... spiders of any size and earthquakes.

I feel... dirty and sweaty from weeding my flower beds.

I hear... crickets

I smell... probably not very good considering my answer two rows up.

I search... for cheap sales everywhere I go.

I wonder... when Taryn will figure out how to walk all by herself.

I regret... hurting anyones feelings - ever.

I love... when Robbie comes home from work and Taryn yells Dada with a huge grin on her face.

I care... about my house being clean more than I should - I'm a little OCD that way.

I always... open the blinds in my kitchen first thing in the morning.

I am not... a very patient person.

I believe... in eternal life.

I dance... in front of Taryn, a lot.

I sing... the national anthem by myself and I think I'm pretty good :)

I don't always... brush my teeth before I go to bed.

I write... too many lists that get crumpled up in my purse.

I win... random drawings like free meals, concert tickets, slippers....ya random.

I lose... my temper when I am clumsy.

I never... read my fortune before I finish the cookie. (ever since I met Robbie)

I listen... to church music when I feel down.

I'm scared of... hot air balloons.

I read... Stephenie Meyers books and I love them.

I am happy about... my life exactly how it is.

I tag YOU... if you want to play!

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