Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Our sink in our new place is the perfect size for Taryn to have a bath in...and it's yellow! How can you not have fun in a yellow tub?! Taryn has grown to love bath time, she splashes and plays (with anything but the toys) and makes this funny gasping sound when you dump water over her head. She's also discovered to stick her toes up out of the water and see them fall back in and disappear under the bubbles - so simply entertained. I love to see how fascinating little things like this are to her. I wish I could see the world through her eyes!
Actually playing with a toy...usually it's the cup I pour water over her head or the wach cloth.
I love babies after a bath - my favorite scent


JamieD said...

I haven't heard from you for awhile Shawna! I need your new address. Taryn is getting so big and as always is beautiful! Enjoy the sink baths, they grow out of them WAY too fast! And you're right nothing smells better than a just bathed baby!-next best is a clean baby who is asleep! :) I hope you're doing great!

Lindsay said...

She is so cute! We need to get our little babies together so they can play. Good to see ya the other night!

Christi said...

Bath time is so fun! She looks just like you! What a cutie! Can you email me your email address, so I can invite you to my blog?